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LRA launches online VAT-11 registration


Mojabeng Moalosi

The Commissioner-General of the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA), Thabo Khasipe says his organisation priorities technology as a tool which can help ensure ease of access to their services by their clients.

According to Khasipe, as proof that the registrable goods like cars have paid VAT before they could be declared or registered, the owners should first start at LRA to fill online VAT-11 forma in order to have tax clearance certificate.

“When one imports a motor vehicle VAT should be paid so that a tax clearance certificate can be granted for others  following process like clearing of the motor vehicle, registration and change of ownership in case there is the selling of a motor vehicle,” he said.

He indicated that once the car has been paid VAT for upon arrival in the country there is no need to pay VAT for the second time, the used cars do not pay VAT.

“Once the motor vehicle has a tax clearance certificate, the owner can access other services from the Department of Traffic because the only thing that is needed there is proof that tax has been paid.

“The Tax Clearance Certificate is accessible online and it can even be received through sms, it can be presented later on when one needs to have a hard copy.

“LRA used to spend more than 5 million for tax clearance certificates, they were printed in colour, people who were at their offices for services needed heaters in winter there lots of expenses at that time.

“You are my witness that the future is in the hands of technology. We had to hire more technicians to improve our technology. Online VAT-11 program was locally produced by own employees.  It might not yet be 100 % perfect now but as time goes it will be 100% perfect,” he said. �O

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