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Motoko blasts taxi owners


Ntsoaki Motaung

Transport Ministry’s Principal Secretary, Thabo Motoko has lashed out on taxi owners for their protests against the new Road Traffic (Amendment of Schedule) Regulations of 2017 saying they are pushing a “political agenda” under the guise of their businesses.

The PS told this paper that the scuffle of taxi owners ‘suddenly’ complaining about the high tariff rates is a shocker to his office and the ministry because they were notified as stakeholders.

He stressed that the fight lodged against the ministry by the taxi operators is under disingenuous presence, saying the regulations were legalised in 2017, thus not new.

The regulations in 2017 were legalised while Lehlohonolo Moramotse was the sitting minister of public works and transport, before the government separated Public works and Transport into two different ministries.

After the tariffs were legalised, they were not implemented and soon after Moramotse was sacked as the minister and Prince Maliehe was appointed, but after assuming office he continued to can the tarrifs.

It was after Keketso Sello was reshuffled to the Transport ministry that the tariffs were implemented.

According to Motoko, his ministry called a press conference beginning of the year to announce the plan to increase tariffs.

“The current fees were effected on 1st March. We called a press conference in January to inform the entire nation on the implementation of the gazette. They ran for a full two months, one can only be surprised why now. In opinion though, some of the operators are pushing for their political agendas under the pretence of being businessmen,” the PS charged.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview with this paper, a furious Maseru Regional Transport Operators (MRTO) Spokesperson Lebohang Moea told this paperthat government has been deceitful in their engagements with them.

“Since the implementation of rates from March this year; we failed to raise our concerns at that time due to the lockdown, that is why we are talking about them now,” Moea explained.

“Despite the economic challenges of the country due to the Coronavirus, it came as a shock to learn the increased tariffs of different services offered by the transport ministry. The cost of a car registration number has been increased from M60 to M400 while fitness costs have hiked from M90 to M360.

“We pleaded with government to put on hold the rates so as to enable talks with the responsible ministry while trying to find a solution to no success,” Moea said noting the failed talks have led then to staging protests.

Scheduled fees according the Gazette:

Registration Fees

  • Motor cycle solo with engine of cylinder in capacity not exceeding 350 cc will cost M100.00
  • Motor cycle solo with engine of cylinder in excess of 350 cc, M150.00
  • Motor cycle with side car or similar attachment M150.00, any motor vehicle if the tare weight does not exceed 1,500kg, M150.00,
  • if the tare weight exceeds 1,500kg but does not exceed 3,500kg, M250.00,
  • if the tare weight exceeds 3,500kg but does not exceed 6,500kg but does not exceed 9,500kg, M400.00,
  • if the tare weight exceeds 9,500kg but does not exceed 11,000kg M310.00
  •  if the tare weight exceeds 11,00kg, M360.00
  • trailer other than trailer referred to in part II item 3(a) M30.00

Motor Vehicle License Fees

  • Motor Vehicle License Fees motor cycle with engine capacity not exceeding 350 cc M100.00,
  • Motor cycle solo with engine capacity in excess of 350 cc, M150.00
  • Trailer used exclusively for farming; if tare weight does not exceed 500kg M100.00,
  • if tare weight exceeds 500kg M150.00,
  • Tractor or truck used exclusively for farming, M100.00,
  • Motor dealer’s licenses, motor cycle for the first cycle M250.00,
  •  For every additional motor cycle M200.00,
  • Other motor vehicles for the first vehicle M1,000.00
  • For every additional vehicle other than a motor cycle M500.00.
  • Motor vehicle, trailers and construction equipment clearance fees:
  • 0    -750 kg         M150.00
  • 751  –   1,000kg     M200.00
  • 1,001 – 1,500kg   M250.00
  • 1,501 –  2,000kg    M300.00
  • 2,001  – 2,500kg    M300.00
  • 2,501  – 3,000kg    M300.00
  • 3,001 –  3,500kg     M300.00
  • 3,501  –  4,000kg     M300.00
  • 4,001 –   4,500kg     M400.00
  • 4,501  – 5,000kg       M400.00
  • 5,001  –   5,500kg      M 450.00
  • 5,501    –  6,000kg      M500.00
  • 6,001   –   6,500kg      M600.00
  • 6,501  –   7,000kg      M750.00
  • 7,001    –  7,500kg      M 800.00
  • 7,501   –   8,000kg      M900.00
  • 8,001   –   8,500kg      M1,000.00
  • 8,501   –   9,000kg       M1, 000.00
  • 9,001  –     9,500kg       M1, 100.00
  • 9,501   –    10,000kg      M 1,200.00
  • 10,001 –    10, 500kg     M1,300.00
  • 10,501  –   11,OOOkg     M1,400.00
  • 11,001  –    11,500kg      M1,500.00
  • 11,501kg and more       M1,600.00

Examination fees for roadworthy certificates:

  • Motor cycle not exceeding 350 cc M200.00,
  • Other motor cycle, tractor or trailer M200.00,
  • Light motor vehicle M220.00,
  • Heavy commercial vehicles M300.00
  • Vehicle examiner’s prohibition for vehicle’s Un-roadworthiness M350.00

Certificates of fitness for passenger vehicle:

  • Motor cars, 4+1, and driving M200.00
  • Commercial passengers vehicles, if carrying capacity does not exceed 22 passengers M250.00,
  • If carrying capacity exceeds 22 but less than 60 passengers M300.00,
  •  If carrying capacity exceeds 60 passengers M350.00.

Certificate of fitness for goods vehicles:

  • Where tare weight does not exceed 3,500kg M100.00,
  • Where tare weight exceeds 3,500kg but does not exceed 11,00kg  M150.00,
  • combination of vehicles M150.00,
  • Trailers if tare weight does not exceed 5,000kg M100.00,
  • if tare weight exceed 5,00kg M150.00


  • Certificate of road worthiness and fitness M100.00, other motor vehicles licenses M100. 00
  • Motor cycle not exceeding 350cc M50.00,
  • Other motor vehicle licenses M100.00.

Application fees:

  • Learners license M50.00
  • Theory test M50.00
  • Driving test and re-test M50.00
  • Public driving instructor’s test M100.00
  • Driving school permit M150.00.

Issuance of driver’s license:

  • Light duty M200.00
  • Heavy duty M250.00
  • Extra-heavy duty M400.00
  • Driving instructor’s certificate M300.00,
  • Public driving permit M200.00.

Renewals of driver’s licences:

  • Motor cycle not exceeding 350cc M120.00,
  •  Learner’s license M50.00,
  • Light duty M200.00
  • Heavy duty M250.00
  • Extra heavy duty M400.00
  • Driving instructor’s certificate M300.00
  • Public driving permit M200.00
  • Driving school permit M420.00.

Special permit:

  • Initial issuance M200.00
  •  Renewal M400.00
  • Supply of information from the records M100.00
  •  Duplicate of document M300.00
  • Transfer of registration number (section 12(2) of the act) M150.00
  • Transfer of ownership M100.00
  • Set of number plates M400.00.
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