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Macfrut 2024: A Confluence of Innovation, Sustainability, and Gastronomy


Lerato Matheka

Macfrut 2024, the premier international exhibition for the fruit and vegetable supply chain, culminated in resounding success at the Rimini Expo Centre, attracting an impressive total of 56,200 attendees over three days, marking a notable 13% increase from the previous year. 

The event served as a vibrant showcase of the industry’s dynamism and confidence, with exhibitors and visitors alike embracing innovation, sustainability, and gastronomic exploration. 

Renzo Piraccini, President of Macfrut, hailed this edition as the most captivating yet, affirming the sector’s optimism for the future.

Innovative Cultivation Practices and Medicinal Plants

The inaugural day of Macfrut was marked by a plethora of captivating events and presentations, including discussions on indoor medicinal plants, IV evolutionary range products, and the innovative concept of spice-infused ice cream. 

The convergence of agriculture, academia, and technology took centre stage, particularly evident in discussions surrounding the cultivation of medicinal plants indoors. 

Led by esteemed figures from the University of Bologna and industry experts, the conference delved into the potential of artificial lighting systems to revolutionise indoor cultivation practices, enhancing both yield and quality while opening new avenues for pharmaceutical applications.

Professor Daniele Torreggiani of the University of Bologna’s Department of Agro-food Sciences and Technologies elucidated the synergistic opportunities unlocked by indoor cultivation of medicinal plants, emphasising the role of artificial lighting systems in optimising growth conditions. 

“The sector of indoor cultivation of medicinal and medicinal plants through artificial lighting systems represents an opportunity capable of unlocking powerful synergies at the supply chain level, involving both growers and companies that provide technological solutions,” he said

Dr. Alessandro Quadri of the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Laboratory shed light on groundbreaking research initiatives aimed at enhancing yield and compound quality through innovative cultivation techniques, including LED modulation and biostimulation systems. 

“The main results obtained by our team have shown significant increases in the yield of these compounds compared to both open field cultivation and indoor cultivation with conventional lights,” he revealed.

The program also featured insights from Dr. Michele Protti of the Pharmaco-Toxicological Analysis Laboratory, who underscored the implications of innovative cultivation systems for pharmaceutical applications who emphasised, “Such innovative cultivation systems can have far-reaching implications for pharmaceutical companies and beyond.”

Advancements in Fresh-Cut Products and Technological Strategies

Fresh-cut products emerged as a focal point of innovation, with technological advancements aimed at redefining quality standards and consumer perceptions. 

Spectrometric imaging, genetic markers, and unconventional packaging were among the key focus areas in enhancing the freshness, nutritional content, and safety of fresh-cut produce. 

Pioneering research initiatives led by institutions such as the University of Bologna showcased novel approaches to preservation and stabilisation, including the use of innovative molecules and cold plasma technology.

Giulio Giannini, an Industrial PhD Student at the University of Bologna, highlighted ongoing research efforts focused on the conservation and stabilisation of fresh-cut products, underscoring the role of innovative coatings and antimicrobial agents in extending shelf life and enhancing product quality. 

He explained that they are working on innovative molecules… “which reduce water waste, promote product transpiration, and control the respiration rate.”

Industry leaders such as Gulftech showcased cutting-edge technologies integrating artificial intelligence and robotics to streamline production processes and ensure product integrity throughout the supply chain. 

Alessandro Turatti, manager of Gulftech, stated, “We have revolutionised the washing system for fresh-cut vegetables to save water and use alternative sanitisers to chlorine.”

The culinary realm witnessed a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation as botanical ice cream maestro Roberto Leoni unveiled his avant-garde creations at the intersection of spices and gelato. 

With a masterful blend of exotic flavours and artisanal craftsmanship, Leoni’s botanical ice creams captivated palates, offering a tantalising glimpse into the realm of gastronomic experimentation.

Namibian Delegation Showcases Export Potential

Beyond the exhibition halls, the Namibian delegation made a significant impact, showcasing the country’s vibrant produce and fostering strategic partnerships at the Invest in Namibia Session. With a focus on export-grade fruits and high-quality vegetables, Namibia seized the opportunity to engage with international stakeholders, underscoring its commitment to sustainable development and economic resilience in the fresh produce industry.

Representatives from the Namibian Embassy to Italy, Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB), and key industry players highlighted Namibia’s diverse range of export-grade fruits, including grapes, dates, citrus fruits, and high-quality vegetables. The delegation’s presence underscored Namibia’s potential as a key player in the global fresh produce market, with an emphasis on fostering collaboration and driving mutual prosperity.

Looking Ahead: Macfrut 2025 and Beyond

As Macfrut 2024 drew to a close, organisers expressed their vision for an even grander and more international edition in 2025, reflecting Italy’s esteemed position as a global leader in the fruit and vegetable sector. The resounding success of this year’s event reaffirmed Macfrut’s status as a premier platform for industry innovation, collaboration, and gastronomic exploration.

Macfrut 2025 is slated to take place from May 7 to 9, with an official presentation scheduled in Cairo on September 11, promising an unparalleled showcase of innovation, sustainability, and gastronomy on the world stage. As the fruit and vegetable industry continues to evolve, Macfrut remains steadfast in its commitment to driving positive change and shaping the future of the global fresh produce market.

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