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‘Marakeng: Revolutionising Agriculture through Innovative Digital Solutions


Pheello Mosesi

In the realm of agricultural innovation, a ground-breaking application is set to redefine the landscape for Basotho farmers. 

Named ‘Marakeng, the application is currently only accessible on Android, with the Apple version to be launched end of March, currently in the final stages before its official launch, is a visionary creation poised to connect farmers and customers seamlessly.

‘Marakeng is the brainchild of four visionaries, including Khauta Maliehe, Setumo Semakela, Thoola Shai and Habofanoe Mangoene representing Technomath Pty Ltd. 

In an exclusive interview with Seahlolo, Khauta Maliehe, one of the driving forces behind Technomath, shared the inspiration behind ‘Marakeng App. 

The team’s in-depth market study highlighted the enduring significance of farming as a cornerstone of Lesotho’s economy.

Maliehe emphasised that after identifying a crucial aspect lacking in farmers’ strategies for market expansion, the team embarked on a four-year journey to develop the App. 

He described the App as an e-commerce service that not only connects farmers and retailers but also facilitates data-driven decision-making and promotes sustainable agricultural practices.

Revolutionising Agricultural Transactions through ‘Marketplace’

Maliehe detailed that ‘Marakeng features a dedicated ‘Marketplace’ within the application, where sellers and buyers converge. This section allows buyers to easily locate potential customers based on their interests and preferences, revolutionising the way agricultural transactions take place.

He clarified that while App primarily caters to commercial and smallholder farmers, especially those practising a combination of subsistence and commercial farming, it remains open and accessible to other entrepreneurs trading in various goods. 

Currently operational on Android, the application is poised to expand its reach to iOS users by the end of March.

The Tech Odyssey: Four Years in the Making

Maliehe shed light on the extensive developmental journey of ‘Marakeng, highlighting that the recent updates took the development team eight months to complete, with ongoing enhancements in the pipeline. 

Despite facing challenges, including tight timelines and rapid feature implementation during the experimentation phase in 2020, the team persevered.

Overcoming Challenges, Reaping Transformative Rewards

Maliehe acknowledged the hurdles faced during development, citing the need for rapid adaptation and swift implementation of features. Despite these challenges, the team’s resilience and persistence prevailed.

He expressed, “The most rewarding aspect was witnessing a simple yet well-thought-out idea come to life. The transformative experience of seeing our business take off and expand from its initial stages to where it stands today was truly gratifying.”

As ‘Marakeng prepares to grace the agricultural community with its transformative presence, it stands as a testament to the power of innovation in shaping the future of farming in Lesotho.

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