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Nedbank’s new campaign targets domestic tourism development


Seabata Mahao

Nedbank Lesotho has launched an exciting new campaign offering clients the chance to win a share of M200,000 in total prize money.

Titled ‘Transact and Win’, the competition will reward lucky winners with grocery vouchers and domestic holiday vouchers to visit some of the country’s finest tourist attractions, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Basotho nation.

The M200,000 prize pool aligns with the bicentenary celebrations.

The holiday vouchers will be provided in partnership with the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC), the custodian of the tourism sector.

By swiping their bank cards to purchase various products and services, Nedbank clients will have the opportunity to win grocery vouchers and domestic tourism vouchers for themselves and their partners.

Weekly random draws will announce the lucky clients, with excursions touring iconic tourism destinations in the country from July to November this year.

Sekonyela Matamane, Nedbank Lesotho’s Head of Marketing and Communication, highlighted that this year’s campaign leverages partnerships with like-minded institutions.

“This year, we have initiated several new partnerships that are not typically on our records. We have enjoyed new forms of collaboration and are excited to have found common ground with another key stakeholder in the country’s economy,” Matamane said.

He stressed the significance of partnering with the LTDC, stating: “The LTDC is a key guardian and principal leader in shaping, growing, protecting, and ensuring the sustainability of Lesotho as a premier tourist destination.”

Matamane explained that Nedbank Lesotho aimed to make the 200th anniversary of the Basotho nation memorable for members of society, and tourism emerged as the ideal focus.

“We are delighted to launch a campaign that seeks to support the LTDC’s mandate in promoting domestic tourism,” he said.

He stressed the importance of Basotho appreciating and experiencing their country’s tourism treasures to better safeguard them for future development.

“We believe that a nation that knows her home is better placed to protect and promote it as a visitors’ paradise. Allowing Basotho to visit Lesotho will help them appreciate the gems this country has protected and developed over many years. Our campaign will feature prizes ranging from grocery vouchers to cash prizes, as we are, of course, a financial institution,” Matamane explained.

Tebello Thoola, the Head of Strategic Marketing for the LTDC, expressed optimism about the competition from Nedbank Lesotho, highlighting its potential to boost domestic tourism.

“This initiative will help our local people learn more about their country, enabling them to showcase it to other nations. This way, our own people will become well-informed about their country and serve as pillars of tourism,” Thoola said.

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