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Ntate Stunna stuns fans


  • Declines Mercedes-Benz gift
  • Prioritises Penya Play’s growth

Chris Theko

In an unexpected twist that has left fans buzzing, Sesotho Fashioneng rapper and Penya Play founder, Ntate Stunna, has declined an extravagant gift: a brand-new Mercedes-Benz C63s worth nearly M600,000.

While most would jump at the chance to drive such a luxurious car, Ntate Stunna had other plans in mind.

The internationally acclaimed artist, known for his meteoric rise and chart-topping hits across Southern Africa, revealed that as much as he appreciated the lavish gesture, his priorities lay elsewhere.

“Yes, there is a car, a Mercedes Benz, but I cannot accept it at this point. It was a big surprise, bigger than any I have ever received in my life, hence I struggled a lot from that moment it was brought to my attention. I was highly surprised,” he explained.

Ntate Stunna’s decision was driven by his unwavering commitment to the growth of his brand and business, Penya Play.

“I am highly grateful to have people who believe in me and want to see me living a luxurious lifestyle, but at the moment, I am more focused on building the business side of things. I feel like I am not at the stage to drive such a vehicle at the moment. This is why we agreed, all of us, that we will return the vehicle and exchange it for something that will benefit the entire team,” he stated.

The vehicle, which was purchased on May 16, remains unregistered and parked in Ntate Stunna’s Johannesburg apartment lot as he contemplates the best way forward.

“I don’t know who initially shared the news of the vehicle on social media during a time when I was still coming to terms with it and trying to keep it under wraps, but we live in an era where nothing stays hidden forever. Eventually, it was going to come out. I am just glad that the person who gifted me the vehicle understands my vision when we had a talk about my plans,” he added.

Currently, Ntate Stunna drives a Chrysler 300, which he bought in 2022. Despite the temptation of luxury, Ntate Stunna’s focus remains on his business ambitions.

His career has been on an upward trajectory, earning him accolades and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry.

In November 2023, his hit collaboration with South African group 2Point1 won two South African Music Awards (SAMA) for Music Video of the Year and Record of the Year with their song ‘Stimela’.

He has also worked with renowned artists like Makhadzi, Paige, Aymos, Emtee, Major League DJz, and Cassper Nyovest, solidifying his place in the music industry. But despite these achievements, Ntate Stunna’s vision for Penya Play remains his top priority.

Ntate Stunna’s hesitancy to accept the luxury car in favour of something that benefits his entire team is a testament to his leadership and dedication.

His decision not only surprised fans but also set a powerful example of selflessness and forward-thinking in an industry often driven by individual success.

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