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Of teachers behaving as wolves in sheep skin


Elsewhere in this issue we carry a story of a man whose behaviour can best be likened to that of a wolf disguised in sheep skin in a move to pounce on its unsuspecting prey, or better yet a shepherd who goes on to kill the very flock he is entrusted with protecting.

It has been said that a herd-boy or shepherd can never be present at the slaughter of an animal he herds or tends, worse still for him to actually be the one who actually slaughters it.

However, the same cannot be said of 43-year-old Mathethebala Pitso, of Belabela in the Berea district who recently appeared before the Leribe Magistrate Court earlier this week charged with sexually assaulting a teenager who was his learner.

The former English teacher at Butha-Buthe High School has a case to answer after being fingered for allegedly fingering and fondling a 17-year-old who was his student last year.  

The suspected pedophile faces charges of sexual assault and was dragged to court where he was read charges for contravening section 5 (8) read together with section 32 of the Sexual Offences Act.  

Magistrate Senthebane Moerane indicated that the suspect is accused for the unlawful sex act on a minor by coercible inserting his fingers in her vagina without her approval while also abusing his powers as a teacher to manipulate the girl as well as forcing her to engage into sexual intercourse with him.

Following the alleged sexual act, Pitso is reported to have resigned from his previous employer after the matter exacerbated and got hired at the Likileng English Medium School, in a manner akin to err-and-run.

After being read the charge, Pitso was permitted a bail of M800 on condition that the latter reports himself for remand penned for August 1, 2022 and should not interfere with witnesses or the applicant.

The mathematics of age gap between the two denotes that Pitso, who should have enjoyed a child-daughter relationship with the victim is actually old enough to be her father. Which is probably why her father entrusted him with the responsibility of watching over her and teach her the ways of life the way a father would nurture his beloved daughter in the first place.

Little did the poor parents know that every time they released their daughter to school to go and attain education to enlighten her future, she was as sheep to the slaughter entering the classroom of sir Pitso who looked at her in ravenous a fashion relishing to devour her.

Looking at the age-gap and the responsibility entrusted Pitso as a teacher, it might be safe to speculate that he has children of his own in the same age bracket or even older than the 17-year-old he started seeing a sexual partner in, as he allegedly advanced his predatory exploits on her.

According to charges leveled against him, Pitso is said to have inappropriately handled the minor pupil allegedly fingering and fondling thus coercing her to his sexual urges.

He is also charged for abuse of powers entrusted on him as a teacher, taking advantage of an innocent youth looking to him for guidance and counsel not beastly exploits of bestiality.

Pitso is likened to politicians who lead the electorate astray making them to lay down their guard and appoint them into positions of power and privilege only to later turn on them to abuse them as soon as the scales are tilted in their favour.

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