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Open Letter: An Appeal for Unity and Resolution in the Interest of Lesotho’s Progress


Motsamai Mokotjo

Dear Deputy Prime Minister Justice Nthomeng Majara and Mr. Kananelo Boloetse

I extend my sincerest greetings to you, with an earnest hope that this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As a dedicated citizen of our great nation, I am writing to you today with an appeal that holds immense significance for the future of Lesotho.

Our nation stands at a crossroads, where decisions made today will shape the trajectory of our collective journey. It is with a deep sense of concern, yet also with a heart brimming with hope, that I implore both you, Deputy Prime Minister Justice Nthomeng Majara, and Mr. Kananelo Boloetse, to come together in the spirit of unity and compromise for the betterment of our beloved Lesotho.

The ongoing matter concerning the appeal application in the Court of Appeal and the proposed reinstatement of the 11th Amendment to the Constitution Bill 2022, known as the Omnibus Bill, has captured the attention of our nation.

In the midst of differing viewpoints and convictions, I fervently believe that a common ground can be reached, one that safeguards our stability, nurtures our democratic ideals and paves the way for progress.

First and foremost, I implore you, Mr. Boloetse, to consider the significance of open dialogue and the power of compromise. An opportunity to engage in constructive talks with the government holds the potential to bridge gaps and lay the foundation for a harmonious resolution.

By being receptive to discussions, you exhibit a commitment to the greater good of our nation, a commitment that can inspire others to follow suit.

I humbly urge you to consider the greater good of our nation and agree to withdraw your appeal application.

On the other hand, I direct my appeal to the Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the House, Justice Nthomeng Majara, urging you to adopt an approach that reflects the principles of inclusivity, transparency, and accountability.

It is my humble request that you abandon the idea of reinstating the 11th Amendment to the Constitution Bill 2022 to its prior position. Instead, I beseech you to consider an alternative approach, one that echoes the voices of Basotho citizens and embodies the democratic ideals we cherish.

This alternative path involves taking the ORIGINAL Omnibus Bill, meticulously crafted by the dedicated National Reforms Authority (NRA), and dividing it into three distinct Bills, each addressing amendments of varying significance.

The first Bill could be tailored to amendments requiring a simple majority for passage in parliament. I firmly believe that the government already possesses the necessary numbers to secure the passage of the first Bill, without resorting to desperate measures.

The second Bill could encompass amendments necessitating a two-thirds majority, ensuring rigorous scrutiny and comprehensive dialogue. The third Bill would be dedicated to amendments requiring a referendum.

By presenting these Bills simultaneously in the National Assembly, we create an opportunity for the citizens of Lesotho to witness and evaluate the actions and decisions of their elected representatives. This transparency breeds trust, accountability, and informed decision-making, embodying the core tenets of our democracy.

Therefore, I humbly implore both parties to sign an agreement that outlines clear and specific timeframes. Let this agreement reflect your joint commitment to the interests of Lesotho.

It is imperative that the Deputy Prime Minister agrees to table the three Bills as soon as Parliament reopens after the Winter recess. Such a commitment not only demonstrates your dedication to the well-being of our nation but also fosters an environment of certainty and progress.

It is undeniable that the proposal to segregate the original Omnibus Bill enjoys widespread support from numerous sectors of society.

As a dedicated citizen who holds Lesotho’s future close to heart, I implore you to reflect on the gravity of the decision before us. The stability of our nation, the aspirations of our people, and the legacy we build for future generations are at stake.

The tensions that have arisen from attempts to reinstate the Omnibus Bill to its former position cannot be overlooked. These tensions threaten our stability and pose a real risk to the ongoing reform process. In choosing a path of compromise and unity, we safeguard the progress that Lesotho seeks to achieve.

Justice Majara and Mr. Boloetse, I humbly beseech you to set aside differences and prioritize the nation’s interests. Our beloved Lesotho deserves leaders who can rise above individual interests, working together for a brighter tomorrow.

May this appeal resonate with the shared vision we hold for our nation’s future. With utmost respect and a deep-seated hope for a united and progressive Lesotho, I remain.

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