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Review: Change the World by Dunamis ft AxoMind


Chris Theko

This week’s review track is Change the World performed by Dunamis featuring AxoMind. The tune runs for a good 3 minutes and 28 seconds. 

It is the first single from Dunamis’ Undefeated album which was arguably the album that trended the most in 2020. The album was released in July 2020. 

Change the World is a trap song which is a sub-genre of hip hop and is built on a less than 100 beats per minute (BPM) with an 8/8-time signature. 

The veteran hip hop artiste came together with AxoMind on this track which is all about change of oneself before they can change the world. 

The beat of the song is laid back just like any trap song. It is built on chilled percussion with a young melody in the background which sounds like a sombering melody. 

The opening sequence is the hook with AxoMind on it “Before we change the world, let’s change who we are, let’s change who we are” then immediately he goes into the first verse. 

He talks about some of the legend who made sacrifices in the name of their people, how most of them were beat down and crucified for their people. Naming leaders such as Malcom X, who was all about defending the rights of the people. 

Also makes mention of King Moshoeshoe who was all about peace in the name of his people. And he talks about the dreams’ speech of Martin Luther King Jr as well as Nelson Mandela who was locked up and spent 27 years imprisoned for his people. 

It then slides back to the hook with Dunamis’ verse following up. Duna’s lyrics are more complex due to his classic style of metaphors and the word play but still sticks to the core of the message. 

The track is short for my liking I wish there could be a remix version of it because as far as I am aware there could be a lot to say around the core message of the song.

For example, “Change yourself” the world is number one in Ghandi’s top 10 Fundamentals for changing the world. Point is, despite song being nice and fun to jam to anytime, both artists were really short of the words in the tune. 

However, the general production of it is laid out nicely and less could be expected with such talented artists. Here is a song for the club or a mood lifter on any day. 

Change the World rates at 7.5               

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