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The Review – Leseli by Robocop ft Dunamis & Keneuoe


Chris Theko

This week on The Review we gauge the new one by the Punchline King himself, Robocop alongside the Undisputed King, Dunamis and vocalist Keneuoe. 

Produced by Shev Shengu, the song is titled Leseli which was officially released digitally on Saturday April 2, 2022. 

Leseli has a time elapse of 4 minutes 39 seconds, built on 128 beats per minute (BPM), a bit rate of 320 with a sampling of rate 44100 Hz and laid on a 99/99 time-signature making it a simply perfect production.

It is instrumentally arranged with the sound of authentic hip hop with the keyboard along with the synthesizers and the kick of a drum carrying much of the rhythm of the track before the raps come in with Dunamis on the first verse. 

However, there is an intro by Robocop which can be mistaken for the hook which gives the song a magical and captivating feel.

He sings “Ntate nchabisetse leseli, leseli…Ho lefifi mo ke teng morena, nchabisetse khanya ea hau ho fihlela mpate lira li se ke tsa nfihlela…” with a very soft voice.    

The song seems to be more of a prayer than anything. The artists ask for Godly guidance and protection from the hurt and the evil spirits that have seen people live under fear all the time. 

On his verse King Duna as he is usually referred to, talks about the struggle of losing loved ones, the feeling of no progress, living in the public eye as a public figure that always has to act like everything is fine even when faced with difficulties while hurting inside. 

His verse is an eye-opener to most who think being a celebrity is an easy task although most public figures become celebrities out of choice. 

On the hook by Vocalist Keneuoe comes in and is nothing like what you would expect. Her voice is magical; the choice of using two languages was consummate to say the least. She sings so well with IsiZulu and a bit of Sesotho. 

Robo jumps in for his verse asking God to shine a light on him to be able to discern those who hate him and those who love him.

He talks about the bad things that are raging over innocent people’s lives such as murder, rape, gender based violence and all the illness all over the world. The rapper concludes his verse by stating that this is more than just a song but a tragedy. 

Leseli rates at 8 out of 10

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