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Review: Labohlano by Q-Real ft Juvy


Review: Labohlano by Q-Real ft Juvy Chris Theko   This week’s review tune is Labohlano Remix which is performed by Q-Real ft Juvy. The song runs for 4 minutes and 5 seconds.    The hip hop joint was built on 80 beats per minute (BPM) and 8/8 time signature.    Taken from his Matsieng’s finest 19 track album, the song is a remake of the bootleg song famous for choral or traditional wedding sesotho songs ‘Khale re emetse tsatsi lena‘.    However, the message behind this melody is the weekend vibe that usually goes side-by-side with binging on alcohol.    The track’s instrumentals are structured with piano, percussions and the shadows are consistent chord vibrations.    The creativity added by way of piano chord arrangements, with the composition slightly heard in different notes throughout the duration of a song that’s already a hit at various weddings.     It is very important to keep consistency and incorporate more notes to selected pitch for creativity to capture the listener’s attention throughout the song, this is done without error.     Q-Real comes through with the chorus of the song in the first verse and hits the high and low notes aligning them well with the rhythm.    While he is already a gifted vocalist, he made sure that he spiced up the hook with his own wordplay.      Juvy comes to the fore with his usual easy but relevant lyrics still keeping with what the song is all about (Alcohol).  Then starts leaning towards the core a bit more with vulgar language midway through the verse.    Q-Real enters his verse with what sounds like clan praise but it’s actually his own wordplay “I’m the king of alcoholics, the drinker that alcohol runs away from”    The muso is more energetic on the track from his colleague.  For the song’s theme, the storyline is well articulated which brought all segments of it nicely.    Labohlano Remix rates at 6.5 out of 10.
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