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The Review –Thibang Ngoane’o Juvy ft HBK & Wave Rhyder


Chris Theko

This week on The Review we take a listen to Juvy Oa Lepimpara’s new single ft HBK and Wave Rhyder on the song titled ‘Thibang Ngoaneo’. 

The song was officially released on Friday February 26, 2022.It has a Kwaito feel influence as has become synonymous with the Skipa se Ntekane and Penya hit-maker.

Thibang Ngoaneo runs for 3 minutes 33 seconds, built on 101-Beats-Per-Minute (BPM), produced by his long-time producer Phoka Matete and laid on a 100/100-time signature. 

Although, heavily influenced by the kwaito rhythm, the tune has a number of elements lased to it, notably a heavy bass guitar and hip hop keys.  

In a true Juvy style, the instrumentals, lyrics, the composition and concept of the song are all aligned in a fashion that no one does. 

In the first verse Juvy says a number of shout outs and expresses gratitude to those who gave him a chance from Lesotho to South Africa to showcase his talent. Amongst them he mentions Dj Vigilante and Ba2cada.  

The hook is a very easy sing-along “Thibang Ngoaneo, hee thibang ngoaneo” sung by Wave Rhyder with some high and low notes.

The second verse is sung by the trap muso HBK who basically retraces his steps in the musical journey through all the challenges encountered.

Juvy comes back again for another verse this time warning against artists living a fake lifestyle.   

The song slips back to the hook with Wave Rhyder and is immediately followed by him closing nicely with a verse of his own.  

He talks about having come a long way and not giving up but pushing through the limits.

“We came a long way and ha re fele moea, ak’u re tlohelleng le se ka re jella mona, we came a long way and ha re fele moea. 

If you are looking for a feel-good song with some chilled vibes to it that can be jammed-to in the club, at home with friends and very friendly to the tire family, well, look no further because this is the track for you.

Thibang Ngoaneo rates at 7 out of 10

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