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Review – Down Town by Irysh da Princess


Chris Theko

This week, The Review takes a listen to one of Irysh Da Princess’ jams from her new EP titled Honour Array, and the song is called Down Town. The EP was unveiled on Friday, 4 June 2022.

The single which has grown to become the most   popular number from the collection, was released a week before the official release of the EP.

The song runs for 3 minutes 49 seconds, built on 128-Beats-Per-Minute (BPM) and laid on a 100/100-time signature and a 44100hz sampling rate.

She worked with Witness The Skill on the production of the song that is mostly influenced by the two cultures she carries in her blood which is Ugandan and Mosotho. 

On the instrumentals, it is carried mostly by a piano cord that kick starts the song on a smooth intro. The instrumental element of the tune is heavily packed with percussions and features strong sets of jazz and funk.

The lyrical content is mainly in English but there are lines in Sesotho here and there. She talks about a guy who loves her and she would definitely go down for him because he loves him too. 

Apart from being a romantic song, Down Town is a track that has vibe to it. Just like most Afrobeat songs, it is a club banger that can be jammed to in the clubs, cookouts or just for a feel good session at home during or after a bad day.

Down Town rates at 7 out of 10   

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