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Review Ka lekeke– Morena Sway featuring Juvy


Chris Theko

This week on The Review we take it up a notch by taking a listen to Morena Sway’s leading single ‘Ka lekeke’ from his latest offering, the EP titled ‘Live, Love, Africa’. 

While the EP was officially launched on November 13, 2021, the single was officially released some six days later featuring Juvy. 

The track runs for a good 4 minutes 19 seconds and was built on 91 beats per minute (BPM), laid on a 16/16-time signature. 

Produced by Scutum, the song starts-off on some marimba-sound vibe with Afro-beats influenced instrumentals. Following up is smooth percussion followed immediately by a verse form Juvy.

The song is a narration of the story of a woman who is taking a different route and exposing herself to the vultures of this world in a form of ‘blessers’ (men that lure women with cars and money). 

In Juvy’s opening verse he talks about the plans he had with the lady in question but somehow things started changing when she got exposed to the ways that were a lot more enticing while he was left wondering where his woman is. 

The hook is handled by the main man himself, Morena Sway who asks the question of what happened when all of a sudden the woman has changed. 

The song is sung in melodious and metaphoric Sesotho with additions of English here and there apart from the hook which is handled purely in vernacular so the chorus simply goes “…Oh baby molato ke’ng? Ha u tsamaea ka lekeke? Ngoana batho molato ke’ng? Khale ke u shebile…”

As he jumps to the second verse, he emphasizes that he has been looking at the woman for some time as she changed her ways where she started cruising with guys in BMWs while he was left wondering if she still wants to be his because she disappears every now and then. 

Morena Sway’s high notes as he transitions from the verse to the hook go-on are cherry on top in the song as he flexes his prowess. 

On the other hand, Juvy’s raps and flow bring that modern day kwaito feel to the number. 

This track is for everyone who has experienced a situation where a lover changes on them from being a sweet somebody to being someone totally opposite side. At the same time we can allow it to be unboxed because it is a vibey sing-along song for any kind of mood. Ka Lekeke by Morena Sway ft Juvy rates at 8.5 out of 10

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