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The Review – Wa nkutlwa Na by Wave Rhyder


Chris Theko

On The Review this week we take a listen to a latest offering by Wave Rhyder titled Wa Nkutlwa Na which was released last month.

Released on June 03, ‘Wa Nkutlwa Na?’ is Wave Rhyder’s third single since signing with Ambitious Entertainment last year. His first single ‘Pula’ which dropped in November 2021 was followed by ‘Dikeleli’ which was released earlier this year. 

The song has a time elapse of 4 minutes 42 seconds, built on 128 beats per minute (BPM) and a bit rate of 320 with a sampling rate of 44100 Hz and laid on a 101-time signature with top class production.

It is instrumentally arranged with the sound of authentic Afro-Pop, the keyboard along with the synthesizer and the kick of a drum carry much of the rhythm of the track before the singer comes in with the opening verse. 

The message of the song, delivered in vernacular, is that of hope for those who have lost hope after being written-off by society because of experiencing a number of hardships a number of times. 

In the first verse, the singer talks about how he feels as though his dreams are not reaching their final destination, hence he asks God if He really is listening and hears him. He further asks the Creator to hear him out as he continues to pray relentlessly because he is a conqueror who continues to make it against all odds in a world full of negativity and people who are against his success.

As he moves on in the second verse he addresses God in a more progressive manner already thanking Him for what He will do for him as has been in the past leaning on the faith that God will never give him a weight too heavy and a burden too cumbersome for his shoulders.

The message of the song is simple; never lose hope for tomorrow. ‘Wa Nkutlwa Na’ is a call out to God to look and listen to those who continue to pray and hope for a better tomorrow.

The song is a show of Wave Rhyder’s versatility as an artist singing an afro pop track with a touch of the gospel music influence and message.

Wa Nkutlwa Na rates at 7 out of 10

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