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Ntate Stunna releases blanket line


Chris Theko

Hip Hop maestro, Thaabe Letsie popularly known as Ntate Stunna has made inroads into the apparel industry releasing his own line of blankets in collaboration with South African popular manufacturer Aranda Blankets.

Named after his famous Sesotho Fashioneng EP, which has won him great national and international admiration, the blankets line is inspired by his love for Famo music characterized by the sound of the accordion, hip hop and fashion hence it flaunts the popular Ntate Stunna accordion-and-mic blanket design. Its design seamlessly blends these creative elements together, creating a blanket which reflects Ntate Stunna’s creative ability of combining traditional with modern.  

Speaking to Newsday Arts this week, Ntate Stunna said that the deal came as a mutual agreement between the two parties.

“I have been an Aranda influencer for quite some time now so we then brought the idea of having my own design and it was a mutual goal since Aranda was also thinking along the same lines,” he noted.

On top of being the influencer, as part of the deal, the rapper will be earning royalties from the sales of the blanket of his design.

He said the blanket goes by the name Sesotho Fashioneng range for now but could be updated if Basotho decide to give it a much suitable name.

“It is called Sesotho Fashioneng range but we opened space for Basotho to get familiar with the design and see if they can name it something else.

“This is for me a legacy and a mark in history I am glad to be part of,” he said.   

The Mokhotlong-born rapper, producer and stable owner rose to stardom in 2014 following the release of his hit single ‘Mookho’. He started a movement called Sesotho Fashioneng in 2019 leading to the release of his debut EP. The movement saw him start to popularize the wearing of blankets in a fashionable way which has since become his signature look.

Blankets have always been a symbolic item of the Basotho culture and tradition over generations. In their modern-day make and designs, they are mostly produced by the South African company.

Aranda is the biggest blanket manufacturer in South Africa with a huge market in Lesotho as chief-wearers of blankets as a traditional dress code.

The artist has been enjoying a lot of success since the release of his Sesotho Fashioneng EP that got him a lot of popularity in South Africa and the Southern Africa region.

Stunna’s unique approach to hip hop music cemented him amongst some of the big players in the game which has since seen him grace stages such as the South African Hip Hop Awards (SAHHA).

He is currently working on the second edition of the EP which has been preceded by the release of some singles in the build-up to the release of his first studio album slated for later in the year.

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