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I am not a politician – Ntate Stunna


Chris Theko

Top rapper and Penya Play music stable leader and founder Thaabe Letsie better known by his stage moniker Megahertz or Ntate Stunna says he is neither a politician nor is he affiliated to any political party.

Ntate Stunna has expressed his worry at national corporates barring him off business deals at the back of wrongly mistaking him for party political affiliations.

The hit-maker who rose to stardom following the release of overnight hit ‘Mookho’ alongside Jiji-F, says he has been missing out on a lot of business because most of the corporates are very sensitive to party politics hence do not want to be associated with entities with direct linkages with active party political parties.

He says as a result of his close relationship with founder of MCT Entertainment Mokherane Chaltin Tsatsanyane, who is also a politician and Member of Parliament for the Stadium Area #31 constituency for co-ruling Democratic Congress (DC), most corporates have ditched him because they have erroneously chosen to marry him to political parties because of Tsatsanyane.

MCT Entertainment was established in 2019 as an artistic management company with the goal to enable artists, corporates and innovators to fulfill their recording, multimedia design, music branding, and distribution amongst other artistic demands.

In exclusive interview with Newsday Arts this week, the artist revealed that he has been experiencing the harsh after effects of his relationship with the MP.

“Every time I get business opportunity with corporates, the first question that comes is whether I am politically affiliated to which I always respond in the negative and clear the air to set the record straight that I don’t affiliate with any political party. 

“I always have to explain that my relationship with MCT (Tsatsanyane) is personal and has nothing to do with his political interests,” the artist said.

He further revealed that some of the businesses never want to continue even after he clarifies the relationship.    

“I acknowledge that when corporates seek an ambassador, they want it to be someone who has no political affiliations which is exactly what I am, an independent artist with no affiliation whatsoever with any political formations.

“It is just like if one has an uncle who is a politician and because of his relation to him, you cannot get certain opportunities even though no one has seen me wearing political party attire or declaring anything politically which is really unfair,” Ntate Stunna said.        

Ntate Stunna has in recent years been booked a lot in South Africa where he has even formed working partnerships and become an ambassador for blanket manufacturer Aranda Blankets.

His request to corporates is to not make conclusions about artists from a distance without having heard them declare their political affiliations with any parties, stressing that most of them actually have no interests whatsoever to party politics.

Stunna has made remarkable musical strides in a broad-based audience of South Africa in recent times alongside fellow countrymen Malome Vector and lately Wave Rhyder.

There are artists who have openly declared their political party affiliation with some of the political parties in the country.

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