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Review Mangoane by Malome Vector ft Ubuntu Band


Chris Theko

From his album titled Karabo released earlier this year, Malome Vector gave us a song titled ‘Mangaone featuring Ubuntu Band.

This track is featured on The Review this week.

Produced by Malome Vector, the track is of Afropop sound with a fusion of rap.

It was built on 128 beats per minute (BPM) with a 44400 sampling rate and 8/8-time signature.

Heavily influenced by the afro beats sound, the song can be mistaken for a West African track due to the choice of delivery and the escorting accent.

The song is a close sample of the 1998 track, Tsoang Tsoang Tsoang, by Dr Victor from his album Faya.  The original version is a wedding day song that made it to several wedding celebrations’ playlists.

The message of the song is simply calling out people to get out and see the bride who looks like the stars.

Apart from the lyrical content, Malome Vector did not change much of the original. He sings about a beautiful woman he has seen and would love to make his wife.  A similar narrative is followed by the featured artist.

Both artists have structured their lines in Sesotho, which is still in line with the original song which was sung purely in Sesotho.

The joint’s instrumentals are structured with piano, percussions, drums, a touch of marimba and in the shadows sustained chord vibrations.

Vector sings the hook which serves as the opening to the song subsequently taking over the first verse of the song.

She admires the beauty of the lady, talking about her facial and physical features which compare to the stars that shine bright in the middle of the night.

He sings about how he has already found a wife in her; all that’s left is to engage the families.

The message is similar from him down to the last singer on the song from the group which is made up of three members.

They follow each other with their respective verses, with Vector coming in between with the hook.

The track is of a celebratory mood, in particular wedding celebrations.

It’s a song for the guy thinking of ways he can approach the lady of his dreams, thinking about a proposal and lobola negotiations, this tune carries with it the strength of one of the most loved and famous classics in as far as traditional wedding songs are concerned.

It has the potential of a modern-day classic that can be played at weddings for years to come. ‘Managonae is well written, and nicely delivered. The collaboration is simply too perfect.

Managoane is rated at 8.5 out of 10.

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