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Review Mama by Tsa Moshoeshoe ft Jiji F & Skebz D


Chris Theko

On The Review this week we take a listen to the latest offering by the group ‘Tsa Moshoeshoe’ titled ‘Mama’ featuring Jiji F and Skebz D which was released on June 18, 2022. 

‘Mama’ is Tsa Moshoeshoe’s second single since its formation in January 2022. The group is made up of Mora Mokoena, Prescius Thuto, Koete Lavish, Ichuu, Naledi, and Abby. Their first single titled Amelia was released earlier this year shortly after the group’s formation.

Produced by J beats and Tsa Moshoeshoe producer Thabza West who also produced ‘Ntho Tsa Mjolo’ by Wave Rhyder and Ntate Stunna, ‘Mama’ has a time elapse of 5 minutes 15 seconds, built on 128 beats per minute (BPM) and a bit rate of 320 with a sampling rate of 44100 Hz and laid on a 101-time signature with top class production.

It is instrumentally arranged with the sound of authentic afro pop. The keyboard along with the synthesizer and the kick of a drum carry much of the rhythm of the track before the singer comes in with the opening hook. 

The content of the massage is that of hope for those who have lost hope after being faced with difficult situations and the odds stacked against them but somehow their faith carried them through those hardships.

It kicks off with the hook sung by Abby and Mora Mokoena who carry much of the song’s message which is the reality for majority of children from poverty stricken communities, seeing their single mothers struggle to make ends meet.

On the first verse sung by Precious Thuto she growing up the family was struggling however the mother was always out and about trying to put food on the table.

She is followed by Skebz D whose lyrics also carry the similar narrative on the issue of growing up struggling saying it has been years since the father left and all they have been living on is hope until he had to go out and hustle. 

The song takes a dive into the hook one more time with Naledi Noma easing into her verse straight after. Her voice just takes the songs melody up a notch while she hits the high notes singing partially in Zulu language talking about tough times with no money. 

Mokoena comes in to carry forth the same message of hardships him having to take the bull by its horns to help his suffering mother with bringing something home.

Jiji F brings that rap flavor with ease. He raps about how most of the young graduates are praying for jobs while the mothers are struggling on long hour jobs. In similar approach, another line of raps comes from Ichuu who talks about the family struggles when there is no income.

Koete Lavish wraps it up on the verses, emphasizing on the message that if he had a choice he would have not chosen the life but since things are what they are a man has got to make a plan. 

This song carries a strong message of hope determination and faith for those who are yearning for a better tomorrow.

Mama rates at 8 out of 10

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