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Review Retlo Popa by T Master Monate ft various artist


Chris Theko

On The Review this week we take a listen to another single from Mahlasela Entertainment’s T Master Monate alongside Rawk Flame, Diego and King Moshyla titled ‘Retlo Popa’.

The song, a trap number with a sotho-hop influence was officially released onJune 10, 2022, and runs for 3 minute 35 seconds, built on 130-Beats-Per-Minute (BPM) and laid on a 100/100-time signature.   

The instrumental is influenced by modern-day sotho hop mixed with trap. The baselines, low tempo rhythms and percussions accompanied by a soft piano cord makes up a chunk of the song.       

A distinctive sound of drums come into play a number of times on top of the piano cord strings laced with a seldom sound of the trumpet.

The song’s message is about making it in life, be it in business or career, giving a message of hope to all those trying hard to make something of their lives. 

It starts off with a hook before the first verse, and on the hook, it talks about how people will take one for granted without knowing what they are doing behind the scenes which is comfortably handled by Rawk Flame. 

After the return to the hook Diego handles the second stanza, where he is simply reaffirming that we all are set for greater things in life with just a little hope, determination, hard work and faith.   

Hip hop was a genre meant to pass messages in a poetic manner and through rhythm which is what the song ‘Retlo Popa’ has managed to execute well. 

The quartet has come-up with a song of hope and encouragement, a strong message in time when majority of people seem to have lost hope that things will turn out for the better in the near future.

This is not just a vibe song to jam to in the clubs but a message of hope and restoration that things will eventually work out in the end.

Retlo Popa rates at 7.5 out of 10

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