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Robo talks his recent transformation


Known for his controversial songs, popularly knowns as diss tracks in the mainstream music circles, local rapper Sello Molibeli AKA Robocop of Ha-Motleheloa in Maseru says he has turned over a new leaf.

The artist says he is on a path of transformation in his music career.

He recently rebranded his style of music when he dropped a single called Leseli which has since made a breakthrough in the mainstream.

The song can be heard on almost all radio stations in the country and in the neighbouring South Africa, on Channel O and MTV base.

The rapper said the milestones made his dream come true in ways he did not expect despite being in the music industry for a long time.

“My song making it to the big screens of the continent’s most watched music TV channels, and being played on big radio stations in the region has been like a dream come true. I have been in the music industry for quite a while and had looked forward to such a breakthrough,” Robo said.

Produced by Shev Shengu, the song was officially released digitally as a single in April this year and it was an instant blow up.

The success marks the transformation of 27-year old Robo – the trouble maker who was known to constantly release disses and has had industry beefs with a lot of artists including Ntate Stunna, Riffle Threeshortz and Yemba Shungu, amongst others.

The song is more of a prayer than anything with a message of strength and hope to those who are faced with tough times. It features Dunamis and Keneuoe.

The message of the song asks for Godly guidance and protection from the hurt and the evil spirits that have seen people live under fear all the time. 

“How my relationship with Dunamis started is amazing because I had just dropped the Mopheme song and its subsequent promo video which he saw. At that time, he was in Durban but he reached out to me showing appreciation for that video,” Robo said.

He would later on be the one to approach Dunamis when he was conceptualising ‘Leseli’ for a collaboration possibility.

“I approached him recently when I wanted to record leseli which I felt was more of his style of music, while on the other hand I wanted to try something different. The song then brought us closer and the rest is history,” he explained.

Because of the guidance by Dunamis who he says he has always looked up to, Robo is set to take full advantage of his recent found favour brought by the song.

“I am on the right track now and am fully taking advantage of the love for my brand. Right now it is all about hard work, coming up with more music as way to capitalise on the positive vibe,” said Robo.

“I can’t say I wasted my time all those times I was known to be controversial. It was a period needing my character to be as such, and eventually I have outgrown that, again, it’s time to grow and be a better person,” he said.  

The artist said going forward he is looking to build relationships beyond bothers while working on creating collaborations rebranding himself on the continent.

In 2021, Robo worked with the legendary actor and producer, Khotso Nkhato on his single Mopheme 2, a feat which he said was a dream come true.

He is currently working on an album which is due to drop next year but did not divulge much information about it.  The album will be his first full project as the rapper has only been dropping singles.

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