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Irysh da Princess back with a bang!


Chris Theko

Irene Keneuoe Nagingo commonly known by her stage name ‘Irysh Da Princess’ marked her official musical come-back with the hosting of a listening session which also marked the launch of her new EP titled ‘Honour Array’ at a fairly attended outing at the Club266 last Friday. 

The artist has revamped her music style under her new South African record label, Mgege as evidenced in the new project with tracks such as ‘Khutso’ and ‘Tokyo’.

In an interview with this publication, Irysh indicated that the project is a reflective compilation on her reality back in the day. She said it covers the complexities about love money and creed.

“When I talk about Honour Array, I talk about a project in which I pour out my heart while taking my audience on a rollercoaster of emotions about my life.

“I can definitely say that it is proof of how tired I got of the different perspectives that people wanted to have on my life,” Irysh said.    

The half Mosotho and half Ugandan musician is common for her rare fusion of rap delivery with African pop sound.

The EP is mainly a fusion of Sesotho and Ugandan sounds comprising eight songs. It also marks her return to the music industry after taking a break two years ago because she “could not stand the beef in the music industry” but said she comes back stronger than ever. 

In the two years, the rapper acquired a Diploma in Music from Rise Academy in Johannesburg, Gauteng in the neighbouring South Africa. She stated that she has always been interested in not just the music but the business part of things.

She announced her entry into the musical scene when she joined the all-male Penya Play label led by Ntate Stunna (then known as Megahertz), alongside other household names such as Malome Vector and Kopper Waleh, all of whom have since turned independent. 

Before she dropped her own musical project, Irysh announced her musical return on a recognizeable level through an intro on Malome Vector`s Dumelang hit single and is yet to release her own studio album.

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