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Robocop causes mayhem


Chris Theko

The controversial rapper and self-proclaimed rap-god Robocop caused a stir in the rap world when he dropped his new offering earlier this week in diss track “Ba mpatla” in which he takes on and pokes not one but a host of rappers in the industry. 

Although the track mentions other rappers, Robocop says it was Yemba Shungu he was focused on, as, according to him, they have always had a not-so-good relationship. 

In an interview with Newsday Arts, the scandalous rapper indicated that he has never been a fan of Yemba Shungu as they have always had some go at each other. 

“Well, I’m not really a big fan of Yemba Shungu, we’ve had some clashes where he disrespected my art saying things like I am not a very nice lyricist and he can take me on,” Robocop said. 

He stated that although he is infamously known for being the trouble-maker of the music industry, this time around he was not going to lie down and let someone talk bad about him hence he came out of his shell. 

“The name-calling and bad-mouthing each other was subtle at first, and I thought it would just fade away until I realised it had gone on for so long that I decided to just take it public,” he said. 

In the track, he refers to himself as “A lyrical criminal, baddest sick individual” and throughout it he calls out other rappers such as Malome Vector, Irysh da Princess, Blaze, Jiji F whom he names a ‘traitor’ and says at some point L-Tore wanted to tax him (or get money off him). But in the end he says he was just raising the bar to see who could catch it. 

He pointed out that above setting the record straight with Shungu, he thought of using the track as a way to ‘wake up the music industry’ as he feels it was sleeping. 

“I realised the industry went to sleep when corona hit and we only started hearing about Malome Vector and Ntate Stunna only so I thought I might as well use the platform to wake the rest of them up” said the haram squad lead.

Robocop has been synonymous with causing havoc in the rap music industry but the biggest one was back in 2017 when he went head-to-head with Megahertz (now known as Ntate Stunna), that is still one if not the biggest beef the Lesotho rap music industry has ever seen. 

The rapper said that he and Ntate Stunna have since squashed that beef and are on good terms now.  He added that despite Shungu having released a response diss track two days after the release of “Ba mpatla”, they have since decided to put their differences aside and focus on making music. 

Yemba Shungu who was not reachable for comment on the matter, released a response diss track titled “Nothing Sweet” and it was not short of clap backs to Robocop saying he is the one who got him back in the game only to kill him again. 

Meanwhile, Robocop’s latest single “Mopheme” which was adapted from a Sesotho novel made famous by its TV drama version by the same name, and which used to air on the South African Television Channel SABC 2 back in the 90s, caught the attention of actor and producer of the drama Khotso Nkhatho who even took time out to call the rapper and applaud him on a great production of the song.  

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