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The Review – Yemba Shungu ft Sthola Sa Makwera, Don Zbiano – Skeem


Chris Theko

Back on The Review this week is Yemba Shungu with his latest offering titled Skeem featuring Sthola Sa Makwera and Don Zbiano. 

The single was officially released on Friday May 13, 2022. Bringing back the authenticity in Sesotho hip hop (Sothohop), the track’s production is influenced by a hip hop feel as the artist usually does in his music as evidenced with his other hit tracks such as ‘Hele’ and ‘Cheuwe’.

Skeem runs for 3 minutes 14 seconds, was built on 129-Beats-Per-Minute (BPM), produced by one of the talented producers SY Soprano and laid on a 100/100-time signature. 

Although, heavily influenced by the hip hop rhythm, the tune has a number of elements to it, notably a heavy bass guitar and sotho hop keys heard throughout the song. 

In a true Shungu style, the instrumentals, lyrics, the composition and concept of the song are all aligned in a fashion that no one does.

The track is basically about silencing critics who say people who work hard are too pompous and full of it. On the tune the rappers speak against those critics.

Yemba Shungu handles the hook throughout the track starting from the onset shortly after a piano intro. 

“Ba re kea phapaha skeem kea clappa skeem, le ka swakha (Swagga) ke thata skeem, I hit the barber kea baba skeem le banana ba nrata skeem…”

The hook is followed by Sthola’s verse, which directly calls out those who call him pompous when he kills them with skill; he finesses himself as “still the best in the game” as he drops warning bars to the naysayers.

Taking from his lines on the hook, Yemba talks about how much girls love him and have done since back in the days when he used to be part of the famous Sotho hop gang ‘D2amajoe’. He says people used to say he would not make it but still he proved them wrong adding that they should go around asking who he is because the majority know him. 

The last verse after the hook is handled by Don Zbiano and without holding back on the intro punches; he recites his clan totems before bringing out some heavyweight raps. His, follow a bit hard-to-catch fast-paced rhythm akin in style to the likes of Busta Rhymes and Lemekoane. 

If you are a true hip hop or Sotho hop fan, this track is for you, whether in your crib just feeling good, in your car having some time to yourself or at the club where a hip hop deejay bangs the song.  

Skeeme rates at 8.5 out of 10 

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