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Yemba Shungu goes for the Yanos


…as he tests the Amapiano genre under a new name

Chris Theko

Heavyweight rapper Yemba Shangu has now taken a swing into the current wave of the Amapiano genre as Manyathela Jersey Number 10. This the rapper did when he released his first offering in the genre through a song titled ‘Monn’a hau o stinch’ released on February 26, 2022.

The single was produced by one of the talented Amapiano producers, Redix Beats who has in the past worked with Lesotho hip hop-cum Amapiano muso Kaytee Fresh. 

He unpacked his decision to release the song under the name Manyathela Jersey number 10 in an interview with Newsday Arts. 

Yemba Shungu clarified that he has not changed his name but has gone with an alter ego. He explained that his name as “Yemba Shungu” holds a lot of weight and has a legacy behind it which is entrenched in hip hop.

“I just did not feel like it made sense to use the same name when it comes to releasing Amapiano and other genres,” he said.

The Hope rapper indicated that he was always keen on using the alter ego Manyathela but did not think it would be under a new genre because he did not see himself venturing into another genre. 

“For people who have been following Yemba Shungu, the hardcore fans, they would know that I had always mentioned the name here and there, even on my lyrics Manyathela jersey number 10 would appear,” he said. 

He said music lovers can expect a number of fireworks in the form of musical aces he has up his sleeve in the Amapiano genre set to be released soon. He mentioned that he already has a song with South African Amapiano singer Jobe London.

“I already have a lot of Amapiano songs that have been recorded and we are just working on a few logistics before they can be released. I could possibly be having another song with Ntate Stunna since he was meant to be on this one.

“I have a lot of acquaintances in the genre and most of the amapiano cats are very humble so it is quite easy to make music with them,” he said.

The artist is set to test his abilities under the genre with a 5 track EP set for release before winter this year and has mentioned that he will still be performing as Yemba Shungu when required to and Manyathela Jersey number 10 where required to.

“I am not in any way abandoning hip hop, as things stand I will also be working on a hip hop project later on this year featuring a number of big names such as L-Tore, Blitzman and Ntate Stunna.

“At the end of the day music is business so we go where the money is. Let’s go with the flow in order to grow and improve the music industry,” he said.     

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