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Review Mama said by Yemba Shungu ft Jiji F


Chris Theko

Back on the Review this week is Yemba Shungu with his latest offering titled Mama Said featuring Jiji F.

The single was released on August 6, 2022.

Bringing back the authenticity of the 90s hip-hop, the track’s production is handled by K-Deck and Ghost.

Mama Said which runs for 3 minutes 42 seconds was built on 129-Beats-Per-Minute (BPM), and it is laid on a 100/100-time signature.

Although heavily influenced by the hip-hop rhythm, the tune has a number of elements to it, notably a heavy bass guitar and trap soul keys heard throughout the song.

In a true Shungu style, the instrumentals, lyrics, the composition and the concept of the song are all aligned in a fashion that no one does.

The track is basically about advice and words of encouragement shared by mothers with their kids. It is more of a dedication than a song.

One has to think back to songs such as Dear Mama by 2 Pac and maybe Song For Mama by BoyzIIMen to understand the basis of the track.

Jiji F handles the hook throughout the track starting from the onset shortly after a piano intro.

He sings about remembering all the advices his mother gave him growing up, warning about girls, taking him to schools and all other things she said for him.

The hook is followed by Shungu’s verse, which is more of an apology for the troubles he put his mother through “I wanna apologise for all the times I acted foolish, and the best way I know how is through this music”.

Taking from his lines on the hook, Jiji F talks about how growing up was made easy and comfortable by his Mama who always made him feel the love and warmth.

The last verse after the hook is handled Shungu, and without holding back on the intro punches; he talks about how growing up and chasing his dream his Mama was always on his side.

He talks about the support he got from his Mama from when he started in the industry, despite all the challenges that came along.

If you are a true hip hop or trap soul fan, this track is for you, whether in your crib just feeling good, in your car having some time to yourself and missing your mother or just reminiscing about the good old days, this classic is for you.

Well written, the delivery is top class and the production is overall perfect.

It rates a comfortable 8.5 out of 10.

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