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Sentebale Gap Funeral expands national footprint


Lehlohoholo Motšoari

The women-led Sentebale Gap Funeral Services has officially opened of its latest branch in Morija, marking a 25 year milestone of service in the country in style.  

Since its establishment in 1999 by founders who included Aliciah Motšoane, Sentebale Funeral Gap has to date opened six branches across the country.

Motšoane believes that their latest addition to their growing footprint, demonstrates the companies upward trajectory.  

“The launch of this branch does not mark our first time working in this area of Morija because we have been operational at Liponono (a village a few kilometres away from the main A2 road),” she said. 

“This structure will also allow us to make developments; we were not able to make adjustments to our previous premises because we were only occupying the previous building on rental and we also had the challenge of electricity – all these challenges will be met through the opening of this branch,” Motšoane continued.

She said the branch will contribute to their other aims of eradicating poverty in the country through creating jobs.

“We currently have over 500 employers across the country and it is through establishing branches like this one that we are able to hire a lot of Basotho, we have pool of skilled and less skilled labour in Sentebale,” she pointed out.

Motšoane also indicated that they were planning to expand to other areas in the country and revealed that they had already secured land across the country for development.

“There is also a challenge that stands tall in our way, body repatriation from South Africa, which used to take less than a week or so, but currently a corpse takes up to a week before reaching Lesotho; I therefore urge Basotho to halt marking a funeral ceremony until the corpse has reached the country and this also calls for the governments to review their regulations in addressing this matter,” she stressed.

Speaking on behalf of the Local Government Electoral Divisions of Makhoarane, Teboho Mafaesa praised Sentebale for its achievements.

“I would like to appraise the womanhood that has given the heights to this project, this shows that women are powerful as stipulated by one of our idioms, ‘Mosali o tsoara thipa ka bohaleng’, your exceptional services are evident here; I also plea with you to lend a helping to address the surge of killings in our area,” Mafaesa said.

Anthony Warner, from Sentebale Gap Funeral Services in his closing remarks commended the tremendous journey taken by the Sentebale Gap Funeral Services.

“Sentebale came from operating with a cab to these luxurious vehicles (he pointed to the two luxurious Merecedez Benz SUV’s), there’s opposition in every business venture but for the three years running, we have been rated high by the international standard regulating bodies, this is because we came from humble beginnings and we make sure that every Mosotho can affords a cover,” Warner affirmed.  

Amongst their achievements, Sentebale Gap Funeral Services boast their 24 hour call centre (80003800).

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