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Serumula releases third album


Mohloai Mpesi

The Serumula Performing Arts Academy (SPAA), Lesotho’s premier choral music choir, has unveiled their highly anticipated third album, ‘Leholimong le letle’.

This release marks a significant departure from their previous works, showcasing a rich amalgamation of musical genres designed to captivate a diverse audience.

Lehlomela Tente, the founder and Music Director of SPAA, offered insight into the distinctive nature of this latest musical endeavor.

Tente highlighted how ‘Leholimong le letle’ encompasses a unique blend of Acapella and gospel influences, departing from the choir’s earlier focus on hymns and choral compositions.

“This album is a departure from our previous works. We recognized the diverse talents within SPAA, capable of delivering R’nB, Pop, Soul, Jazz, and Gospel. We wanted to be inclusive, expanding beyond choral music,” he explained.

The album features a collection of compositions, some freshly created, while others were reimagined from existing pieces.

Among the standout tracks are ‘Leholimong Le Letle’, a new composition by Tente, the soulfully arranged ‘Easy Road’, the captivating ‘Mahlo Ohle’, and the uplifting rendition of ‘We Shall Overcome’.

In 2015, SPAA introduced their inaugural album, ‘The Best of SPAA’, a compilation drawn from National Choral Festival (NCF) performances, Melting Pot Competitions, Lengau Choral Music Association (LECMA) events, and concerts.

The 2018 release, ‘Lula Lenna’, featured hymns sourced from various churches.

Tente emphasised the academy’s broader vision, stating: “We aim to commercialise ourselves. Often, choirs struggle to establish their brand and generate opportunities. This album caters to those who appreciate gospel and acapella.”

The journey to this musical milestone began in June with intensive rehearsals, followed by recording sessions in July, culminating in the completion of the album earlier this week.

Regarding the distribution and marketing strategy, Tente revealed a multi-pronged approach.

“We’ll leverage social media, embark on district tours, and partner with music centers nationwide. We’re also exploring avenues on popular streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes,” he outlined.

In addition to the digital presence, physical copies of the album will find their way into district-based music centers, ensuring accessibility for all.

The choir plans to shoot several music videos to promote the album and sustain themselves in a challenging industry.

The official launch of ‘Leholimong le letle’ is scheduled for December 9, 2023.

The event promises to be a celebration of music, featuring performances by esteemed artists from both Lesotho and South Africa. Details regarding the venue will be disclosed in due course.


  • Leholimong Le Letle – New Composition by Mr. Tente
  • Easy Road – Arranged
  • Mahlo Ohle – New Composition
  • We Shall Overcome – Arranged
  • Leetong Lena – New Composition
  • Oh Freedom – Arranged
  • Ke Tsamaea Le Jesu – New Composition
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd – Original Version
  • U Halalehile – Re-Arranged
  • Talimang Sefapanong – Arranged
  • This Is My Story – New Composition
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