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Sex seminar with a twist

Neo Matheka

Monateng x Atobyevent is set to hold a first annual seminar aimed at advancing sexual education among couples, on November 19 at Mohokare guest house.

The event named “The Modern Pitiki,” will cover sex education, anatomies and instruction of issues relating to sexuality.

There will also be lingerie modelling, giveaway and sex toy demonstration, although the organisers have emphazised that the event was not intended to be a pornographic show.

Unlike the usual pitiki, which is attended by females only, this one is open for both genders.  

According to one of the organisers, ‘Mathobatsi Sekoere, the inspiration for the event came about after hearing stories of how many women were rejected by their partners when they attempted to spice up their love lives.

The event is therefore meant to educate people on bedroom issues to prevent lovers from unintentionally hurting their partner’s feelings.

“Bedroom issues are nothing to be ashamed of,” Sekoere said.

The misconception people have towards sexual activities leading to promiscuity is false, she said.

Sekoere said men tend to shy away from expressing themselves on sexual matters. She further said most men were insecure about their women being at a more expressive level than they were, and this creates fear and mistrust.

“Some are just not updated with such things and have long associated them with prostitutes.”

“It is important for both men and women to educate themselves on such issues as their sexual life is a big part of their union and more often than not, unsatisfactory activities often lead to infidelity and sometimes separation. Women are also guilty of dismissing new ideas their partners bring up as their main concern is where their partner learned such things.’’

Having such conversations should not be embarrassing among couples as this is also a way to build their relationship because a “relationship is a two-way street”.

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