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Squiring-off on gluttony lines, true or true?


Very few people alive today would have ever thought they would see a day wherein Sam Matekane would be embroiled in a turf tussle with entities such as Serialong Qoo on equal footing, for the simple reason that they are leagues apart, one a petty party politician and the other a businessman of note respected and admired by all and sundry.

But alas! the two are now basically colleagues and duly deserve a place at the argument table as they have each been roped-into the space which would have in the past been, of the two, Qoo’s purview – they are now both politicians. And if anything, politicians the world over, but particularly in this nation, are very economical with the truth especially when they are looking to pull wool over the eyes of the electorate and fool them into placing them into positions of power, comfort and influence.

As the circus that would never have been thought as anything near possible ensues, Qoo contends that Matekane resorted to sulking when like a naughty and selfish last-born, he was asked to share with the other kids and decided to set-up his own home where he can enjoy every slice of each and any pie gluttonously, alone.

Qoo says Matekane formed his political party Revolution For Prosperity (RFP) as an act of vengeance on government for refusing to continue stuffing his pockets with millions.

According to the Minister of Mining the billionaire’s venture into politics was merely sulking on his part after government decided not to renew his company Matekane Mining Investments’ operational contract in the country’s largest mine Letšeng Diamond Mine when it expires in two years.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this publication, Qoo indicated how persons following the mogul into the political party do not know that he is attempting to settle personal scores to continue his move of personal aggrandizement over all.

Matekane who has grown to be a businessman of note in the country with the growth of his multi-faceted Matekane Group of Companies, announced a new party which came as a kind of new dawn for the national political sphere attracting a number of other business big names along, in April this year in time to contest the upcoming national assembly elections set for October.

The political party Revolution For Prosperity (RFP) led by Matekane has in recent months since its unveiling, appeared to be attracting lots of people including some who claimed they had sworn to never vote but who will this time around, as they see it as the country’s way to political and economic emancipation seeing as it is led by a wealthy person.

However, on his part, Matekane has dismissed such claims as hogwash as he claims to not be in anyone’s pocket and that all that he has, he has duly and honestly earned.

Asked to comment on the matter earlier this year, soon after the formation of his party, Matekane had claimed ignorance on the matter of his contract and government’s intended move thereon, claiming that his reasons for forming a political party were purely those stated when the party was unveiled.

He said he had been in business for the past 35 years and that it would have been foolish to expect that his business wouldn’t have grown throughout that period.

“Nobody handed me money on a platter, all the money the company was able to amass was worked for, nobody gave me the money. When you work, you do that to improve your business; you render services and get paid thereafter, how much? It does not matter,” he said.

And then since its announcement, Matekane’s RFP seemed to enjoy a lot of support thus presenting as a threat to the co-ruling Democratic Congress (DC) to which Qoo belongs, so anything is possible, after all this is politics and threated from enjoying the pleasures that come with attaining office, the Malingoaneng legislator could be playing dirty.

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