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Tumeliso Tenehi: Cultivating Dreams and Inspiring Change


By Ntsoaki Motaung

At just 19 years old, Tumeliso Tenehi from the Berea district in Marabeng is already making waves in the world of agriculture. 

Her journey began in primary school, around grade five when she discovered her innate interest and passion for farming—an interest that would shape her future in profound ways.

Growing up in a family of farmers, Tenehi was exposed to the beauty and challenges of agricultural work from a young age. 

Unlike many children her age, she found herself drawn to the fields, preferring the company of crops and livestock to idle play or leisure at home.

“I was inspired by my parents,” Tenehi recalls, her eyes reflecting the admiration and respect she holds for her family. 

“I witnessed the abundance and success they achieved through their hard work in agriculture. Their dedication and determination fueled my own aspirations and knew it was wise to follow suit.”

Entering high school at Bekele High School, Tenehi seized the opportunity to explore her passion further. 

While agriculture was offered as a subject, she sought to carve her own path within the agricultural sector. 

Opting for vegetable farming, she embarked on her journey as the founder of T&T Farm.

Tenehi found inspiration and guidance in seasoned farmers like Ntitia Tuoane, whose expertise in vegetable farming left a lasting impression. 

An internship at Arrow Farms under Tuoane’s mentorship deepened Tenehi’s understanding of the intricacies of vegetable cultivation, cementing her resolve to excel in the field.

With a diverse market encompassing schools, street vendors, and the local community, Tenehi’s venture gained momentum. 

Training opportunities provided by the Agri-tech Institution of Lesotho further honed her skills, empowering her to navigate the agricultural landscape with confidence.

Recognition followed Tenehi’s dedication and hard work, culminating in her receiving the 6th prize for vegetable production at the Farmer’s Pitso Awards in 2023.

Undeterred by accolades, she sought to expand her horizons, enrolling in Animal Science production at the Lesotho Agricultural College (LAC) with aspirations of becoming an animal doctor.

“While vegetable production remains my passion, I aspire to pursue a career in animal science,” Tenehi shares, her ambition transcending conventional boundaries. She adds, “My goal is to establish myself as a leading farmer in Lesotho, with expansive operations in both vegetable and animal production.”

Currently, Tenehi generates an income of approximately M10,000 annually through vegetable production—a modest figure she aims to multiply tenfold in the coming years. 

Her vision extends beyond personal success, advocating for youth involvement in agriculture as a pathway to economic empowerment and self-sufficiency.

“To my fellow youth, I say; start now, start small, and let your passion for agriculture fuel your journey,” Tenehi urges, her voice resonating with conviction. 

“Together, we have the power to transform our communities, reduce unemployment, and create a thriving agricultural sector that sustains us all.”

As Tenehi continues to sow the seeds of change, her story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, illuminating the path towards a brighter, more prosperous future for Lesotho and its people.

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