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Welcoming June with The second annual Winter Spin Fest


Pheello Mosesi

On June 1, crowds will be gathered at Masianokeng for the second occurance of the winter spin fest event.

Speaking to Newsday on an interview, one of the organizers of the event Tebello Mosarasi revealed that even though it was not a walk in the park to come up with this event, him and his colligues namely Kajeng Kotelo, Sekoli Semoli and Bobo are excited to see the second annual event coming to life.

The event is one of a kind in the country, which is not common to Basotho. Mosarasi explains how the idea came about.

“Me and my companions are very fond of cars which is why we made an event about spinning them. We made this event to change the lifestyle of Basotho especially when it comes to entertainment. Most of Basotho who are active during the summer are usually locked up in the houses throughout the winter hoping to see the summer come. With this event in avail, now Basotho have another reason to look forward even to the cold season of winter,” said Mosarasi.

The event, as Mosarasi mentioned, will also serve as an assistance platform for the children who are starving and are cold in the streets. “We also want to help the needy with the money that will be earned at the entrance by those who came to spectate,” added Mosarasi.

Mosarasi says that they wish to see the event go off from here onwards. “We would wish to see the event continue and grow bigger and bigger as the years pass by,” Mosarasi.

 â€œSome of the challenges that we had is that the funds we dug out from our pockets as organisers. The other big factor which came as a threat to us was the weather,” said Mosarasi.

Beyond the event being headlined by spinning cars, it will also have other entertainment segments. “we will have DJ Counterforce, Bokamoso FM radio will also be broadcasting live as the event happens. Also for a good laugh, we will have Bofihla ‘Neko who is famous as Lilaphalapha,” noted Mosarasi.

The event is expected to have a large turnout as Mosarasi mentioned that some of the racers will be coming from South Africa. Some of the challenges have been standing in the way but the event is soon to headline the date of 1 June at Masianokeng. The event is on its second episode, with the first being last year. The entrance is M70 for adults and M30 for children.

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