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Alliance Insurance restores Kelebone’s dignity


Lehlohonolo Motsoari

In the serene outskirts of Mphaki, nestled in the Quthing 122KM of Maseru, stands Kelebone Primary School.

Once a beacon of hope for the future, the school had faced years of neglect, its structure and spirit weathered by time.

However, as the world celebrated the International Day of Education on January 24, this institution witnessed a remarkable transformation, symbolising the enduring spirit of learning and the power of hope through the hands of Alliance Insurance.

Founded in 1952, Kelebone Primary had struggled to provide a conducive learning environment, with its partially destroyed structure which served as classrooms, yet often leaving students vulnerable to the elements.

This challenge was dramatically altered when Alliance Insurance Company stepped in, inspired by the concerns raised by Nanabetsane Ramokoena, a former student of the school.

The remarkable two-year journey, Alliance Insurance committed itself to revitalising Kelebone Primary.

They constructed two new classrooms and a principal’s office.

This significant effort culminated in the school’s reopening, which aligned with the International Day of Education 2024 which is celebrated under the theme; Learning for lasting peace—a fitting tribute to the undeniable role of education in human development.

“Alliance Insurance saw an opportunity to create lasting change here at Kelebone Primary,” Makeabetsoe Mabaleha, Head Group Marketing and Communications said.

“Our aim was not just to build temporary structures but a monumental structure, one which will have the community beaming with satisfaction, knowing that there is lasting hope for education. A structure they will be proud of,” she said.

Celebrating thirty years of successful business in Lesotho, Alliance Insurance’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Malengolo Seotsanyane Sello, highlighted the company’s dedication to the Basotho community.

“We have flourished because of this community, thus it is our turn to give back, especially in empowering education.”

She commended the resilience of Kelebone’s teachers and expressed hope that their efforts would further inspire others.

“Education is a legacy that endures, unmarred by time or theft.”

“Together, let’s support these young minds, preserving and nurturing this gift for our community and the future of Lesotho,” Sello urged, emphasising the necessity of high-quality educational environments.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Alliance Insurance ensured that the new classrooms met the highest standards, laying a foundation for excellence.

Principal Toka Letsie of Kelebone Primary expressed heartfelt gratitude for the support.

“For years, we sought assistance to no avail, but it was through Ramokoena’s dedication that our plea was finally heard. This support is a blessing for our community,” Letsie acknowledged.

A young student at the school shared their joy, saying, “We used to learn in the rain, but thanks to Alliance, we now have a proper place to learn.”

Echoing this sentiment, Moipusi Motebang, Quthing’s Education District Manager, recognised the profound impact of the initiative.

“Our aim is to ensure education for all children and this transformation fills us with gratitude and hope. We are optimistic to see an increase in enrolment and higher education achievements from learners,” Motebang stated.

The transformation of Kelebone Primary School stands as a testament to the power of community, corporate responsibility, and the enduring hope that education brings. It’s a reminder that even in the most challenging circumstances, change is possible, inspiring communities and empowering future generations.

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