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Copyright society meets sound-recording artistes   


Pheello Mosesi

The Lesotho Copyright Society of Authors and Artists (LESCOSAA) will host a meeting to streamline the registration procedure and distribute the drafted sound-recording document for input at the State Library.

“The purpose of the meeting is to disseminate Sound Recording form. LESCOSAA administers rights in musical works which are owned by composers, authors/lyricists and publishers on one hand, and the equitable remuneration for sound-recording, which is owned by performers and producers,” said the Chief Executive Officer of LESCOSAA, Makhukhumala Kama in an interview with Newsday.

The summit which targets performing and sound-recording artists, follows the August 2021 dialogue in which LESCOSAA brought together authors, composers and publishers.

The meetings are meant to strengthen the form, correct errors as well as make it accommodating for those who are involved in the making of a song.

“Another major purpose behind creating this meetings with those in the creative arts is that we want them to be in light on the details of the contract,” Kama added.

She noted that following the meeting, LESCOSAA will review the input from the performers and sound recorders for adding into the drafting document, which will eventually be passed on to licensing.

Kama revealed that the registration is done in order to have transparency and accountability for when the royalty will be in place.

“The tariffs are already in place for remunerating song air plays and performances.”   

She further indicated that the meeting will discuss all requirements as prescribed on the form.

“This facilitates the opening of registration of the owners of sound recordings.”

Kama then explained that copyright demands that everyone who has contributed in the creation of a song should benefit. This implies that not only the performer of the song should reap the benefits of hard work that had contribution from the sound producer.

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