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Amplifying Africa’s Agricultural Voice on the Global Stage


Lerato Matheka

As the anticipation builds for the 41st edition of Macfrut, set to unfold from 8th to 10th May 2024 at the Rimini Expo Centre, in Italy, all eyes turn to Africa as a pivotal player in the global fruit and vegetable supply chain. 

With record-breaking figures, including 1,400 exhibitors representing the entire supply chain, an increased exhibition area of 34,000 net square meters, and a significant presence of foreign exhibitors, Macfrut stands out as the most international agrifood event in Italy. 

This year’s theme revolves around the integration of business, knowledge, and networking through a dedicated B2B platform.

Africa Takes Center Stage: A Showcase of Agricultural Diversity

Amidst the bustling aisles and vibrant displays of Macfrut, the African Pavilion promises to stand as a testament to the continent’s agricultural prowess. 

“With 400 exhibitors from 24 African countries, including newcomers, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, Namibia, and Togo, Africa’s rich tapestry of agricultural diversity will take centre stage,” Macfrut announced. 

The organising group noted that larger exhibitors such as Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Mali will present a spectrum of offerings, from innovative farming practices to technological solutions, captivating the attention of international stakeholders.

The Mattei Plan and Africa’s Strategic Positioning

Macfrut’s organisers highlighted the strategic focus on Africa bolstered by the implementation of the Mattei Plan.

“This underscores the continent’s growing significance in the international agricultural arena. The plan’s emphasis on fostering collaboration, technology transfer, and market access aligns perfectly with Africa’s aspirations for agricultural development and economic growth.”

Investment Opportunities and Collaboration Across Borders

Beyond the confines of the African Pavilion, Macfrut 2024 presents a fertile ground for forging partnerships and unlocking investment opportunities. With 1,500 top buyers from around the world in attendance, including representatives from India, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Brazil, and Argentina, Africa’s agricultural offerings garner international attention.

A Call to Action: Seizing the Momentum for African Agriculture

As Macfrut 2024 unfolds, organisers pointed out that Africa stands at a pivotal moment in its agricultural journey. 

“The platform provided by the exhibition serves as a rallying point for stakeholders to collectively harness the momentum and drive transformative change in the sector.”

“Macfrut 2024 offers Africa a unique opportunity to showcase its agricultural prowess, foster collaboration, and attract investment on the global stage,” the organisers said, noting stakeholders would unite in their commitment to advancing Africa’s agricultural agenda.

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