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Bophelo actress cast for international role


Chris Theko

Actress Malisema ‘Diva’ Motelle has been cast for a role in an international series tilted TERNANTS to be shot in Nigeria.

The Diva who made her break onto the small screens in a Lesotho Television drama series Bophelo, shared the news with Newsday Arts this week adding that the role had been landed following a conversation she had with one of the Telenovela’s producers regarding a gig she had been scheduled to host in Nigeria. 

“So one day I was having a conversation with my Director/Producer, Trinny from Bophelo about a gig I had in Nigeria to be a red-carpet host, well the gig was cancelled, but I had mentioned to her and shared with her about how I was interested in living in Nigeria for some time exploring my capabilities in modelling, MCing as well as acting.

“She then mentioned a good director she knows and suggested that when I go for my gig I can maybe stay a bit even if I get the small role or appearance she thinks it will be ok for my portfolio which then let to her promising to talk to the director about me,” she recalled.

Unfortunately the event she had been scheduled to host was cancelled. However, two weeks later the director told her that the Director from Nigeria was actually casting for a series they are shooting in early 2022.

“That’s when I got a direct contact with them and sent my audition video and other clips of my acting, after two weeks they got back to me and confirmed that I would be cast for a star role.

“Honestly it was unbelievable because from my conversation with Trinny I just thought ugh!!! Maybe they are going to give me a small role but deep down I didn’t want anything small I wanted to be a star, but hey you got to start somewhere,” said Diva.

Though she has secured the role and already received her contract within the first week of January, the budding actress says she now has a challenge of raising funds for travel as all members of the cast are expected to finance their own travelling arrangements to Nigeria. 

Despite the financial challenges she said she signed the contract and is currently sourcing funds from well-wishers. 

“It took me about two weeks to sign because I just didn’t know how I was going to get money to travel to Nigeria because in the initial invitation I was going to be flown out by the event organisers booking me where I’d then extend my stay to accommodate the shooting, but eventually I signed the contract and sent it back.

“This is my big break and I just couldn’t let it slide right through my hands, I have to make a plan to get to Nigeria,” Diva revealed. 

‘TENANTS’ is a Pan Africa Series Original that highlights the physical creative act of Africans. Under the direction of Rawlings David Erara also produced by one of the biggest producers in the United Kingdom in Daniel Ndlara Robson.

The series will be shooting in Lagos, Nigeria for 2-3 months from March. Diva needs to raise traveling costs to cover her return flight to the tune of M10 000.

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