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Business persons taking bull by its horns


Nthatuoa Koeshe

A successful business entrepreneur Sam Matekane teamed up with some technocrats to change the political spectrum of Lesotho politics after announcing his newly established political party this week.

The business kingpin vowed to underpin the country’s sinking economy with his ‘Revolution for Prosperity’ (RFP) in the build-up to the general elections set for later this year.

The political party was launched at the old Mpilo Boutique on Tuesday this week where hundreds were seen dressed in white, green and purple regalia.

Addressing the press, Matekane said RFP’s logo which is a semi-circle was a symbol that they are putting an end to a circle that has been taken by Lesotho for years.

“Thala Boliba ea ntlafatso also known as Revolution for Prosperity, symbolises that we are finally putting an end to the cycle we have been taking as a country for years but without much change,” Matekane said.

“For many years, I have been a businessman in this country and I was fortunate enough to see my businesses succeed that I started expanding crossing our borders into other countries such as South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique to mention a few and during that time I didn’t think that one day I, Sam will take part in politics,” he said.

He said what he thought was their part as business people was to try and give back to the community in different ways.

“I did my part and tried where I could to help Basotho in different ways. What deprived me off my sleep and landed me here today is when I realised that despite all my initiatives as well as my successes, my story depicts a picture of a man who has been working hard to clean and refurbish the inside of a boat which is slowly sinking into the ocean,” he said adding that he could have chosen to abandon the sinking ship and live luxuriously somewhere but was captured by the love for his country hence a decision to start a new political party.

“I would have easily taken what belongs to me and relocated but it is not easy leaving your country especially at a time when it is faced with many challenges. No one can deny that this country is quickly approaching its pits. If well-built and fast decisions are not taken, our country will become a failed state,” he said.

He said the word revolution, was not misplaced when they came up with the name for the party.

“The condition which our country is in does not only need retouches of change but needs strong  and deep revolution which will go deep into the situation this country is in so that there is new leadership that is totally different to the one present at the moment.

 He said for years, the government have been pleading poverty when faced with financial tasks which inevitably decreased the quality of services rendered to the public, adding that it also fuels a lot of corruption in the government sector.

He said some of the government offices currently, have machinery which has been turned into white elephants with no initiatives to fix them.

“They are always out of stationery, while some lack even just pens. Because of lack of finances and other reasons that concern this country’s bad governance, the quality of services we get from government have also declined in a massive way. Basic services such as water, rebuilding of bridges after heavy rains and reconstruction of roads has proven to be a challenge.”

He further spoke of the high employment rate where young people are seen going up and down seeking employment. He said the country’s level of production has also declined and continues to do so but what seems to be inclining is rather the amount of money used to import products into the country.

Matekane said RFP will bring good governance with transparency, rule of law. Those in authority will have to declare their assets and Basotho will get to be included in growing the economy and everyone will have equal fair chances.

The new party boasts a plethora of wealthy business people who have formerly been almost political spectators focused on building business empire but who have resolved to taking matters into own hands to drive the national economic affairs.

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