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Churchill in the WOW business


Pheello Mosesi

Nigerian native artist Churchill has joined the newly established marketing and promoting company baptised as The WOW Business.

The 26 year old artist who comes from Nigeria is currently based in Maseru whilst steering his way to attaining his Honours Degree in Digital film and Television at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

The WOW Business is a company that deals with a wide range of service provision. Amongst many, it has a department which is mainly focused on entertainment and music to be specific.

Currently, the company has signed names like Mali who is an R and B singer, rapper Jiji F as well as Eska

The Afro beat artist started off his career 11 years ago in 2008 and has not looked back ever since.

Newsday managed to speak to the artist’s promoter and manager from The WOW Business L-Tore to hear how the link happened.

“From The WOW Business we have a wide diversity of people. It just so happens that we also have Nigerian people from the team who told us about Churchill. Firstly, we got introduced to his music. From there we went on to call him over since we were impressed,” L-Tore mentioned.

L-Tore went further to explain that as they are a freshly started company they are scouting for crisp talent, and Churchill just seemed to fit the description of exactly that.

“We were also impressed by his work ethic. He has managed to be lined up in some of the cherished gigs on his own,” He added.

The artist under The WOW Business, has just completed the shooting of a video for his new single titled Akuna.

“Being one of the few talents based on the Afro Beat sound, it felt like a great opportunity for both the company and him to make him blow,” he added.

The artist is alleged to be in connection with his fellow compatriot who does the same sound by the name of Tekno.

The artist is currently selling his music on a digital platform and he has developed a fan base both in his home country and Lesotho.

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