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Striving towards making a Happy Nation


Pheello Mosesi

Happy Nation is a musical talent search concept and a product of events management company, Soft Sounds Production, which scouts talent in Lesotho’s higher learning institutions.

The concept of Happy Nation was bred in 2019 with the intention to grow talent and create super stars and musical sensations.

“The competition is a sweep up to kick start people’s good reputations as soon as they get exposed to the world outside school. Often at times the decisions that people make are influenced by who they are, and how they developed themselves as when they were in this particular stage, the tertiary level, hence adding or subtracting value to their say,” said the company’s coordinator, Thoriso Ralefu.

He noted that winning the competition comes decorated with a lucrative whopping prize of M20 000 in cash.

Since this is the first edition of the competition, it was primed to have four institutions which are the National University of Lesotho (NUL), Limkokwing University of Lesotho (LUCT), Centre for Accounting Studies (CAS) and Lerotholi Polytechnic.

“Unfortunate for CAS, the period of their examinations overlapped with the time of our auditions, which is stage one, carried out back in September and beginning of October,” he explained.

“This leaves us with the remainder of three institutions. We are currently facing the second stage of the competition which is having a cut of Top three from all the institutions,” he added.

Ralefu noted that the competition is judged by two of Lesotho musical masterminds who are rapper, producer and songwriter Thulo ‘T-Mech’ Monyake and the legendary jazz artist Budaza.

“The judges take an account of 40% on the singers. They judge basing themselves on the singers’ technical capability while the 60% is decided by the votes,” explained Ralefu.

The third stage is where each institution will have one representative talent face, summing them up to the final top three. The artists have to impress both the judges and the audience before they get to be the winners from their respective institutions.

They get to sing two songs that the judges choose for them. Then the final stage features the each winner from an institution. Here the artists bring out the best of what they got as they sing songs of their choice at the grand finales.

The venue of the final acts is yet to be confirmed as well as the dates which are most likely to be on the end of February 2020.    

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