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Entertainers ready to party a storm


…as curfew is lifted and events allowed back to life

Chris Theko

The announcement by the Premier Dr Moeketsi Majoro that a curfew on movements has been lifted was received jubilantly by disc jockeys and entertainment events’ organisers, who have said they have basically been out of work for two years.

Two years since the Covid-19 hit the Lesotho shores and a hard Alert-level Red national lockdown introduced, the Prime-Minister announced on Tuesday evening that there will no longer be curfew in the country and that events as well as clubs can operate as normal albeit in observance of Covid-19 safety protocols. 

The announcement has been welcomed by the Disk Jockey Association of Lesotho (DJALE) and Events Organisers.

DJALE is an association entrusted with the protection of DJs’ human rights and promotion of their work.

Lesotho has had a curfew in effect since April 2020 when the first lockdown was announced. DJALE had always been unhappy with the lockdowns and subsequently the curfew saying it was denying them their right to freely work and earn a living despite the Covid-19 challenges. 

The entertainment industry is now permitted to operate 24hours subject to issuance of permit by the police.

“Observe physical distancing for indoor and outdoor events in only privately owned places and provide not less than five security personnel,” said the prime minister in part of his address. 

In October 2021, DJALE petitioned the Prime Minister to open up the entertainment industry as they said it would help curb the increasing rate of unemployment in the country. 

On behalf of DJALE, Bafokeng ‘Dj Bootz’ Ramoseeli told this publication that they were happy that finally their request has been granted. 

“Obviously we are happy that what we have been asking for has been granted. The curfew was standing in the way of us making a living which is our right while other people in authority were taking advantage of it to enrich themselves,” said Dj Bootz.

He highlighted however, the importance of abiding by the set laws and regulations that he said are meant to protect human lives against the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“We are still very much under the threat of Covid-19 but we must find ways to live with it and the best way to do that is to abide by the rules and regulations that guide us while we are trying to make a living.

“Also it is very important for the majority of our people to get vaccinated so that we are all able to survive this virus,” Bootz said. 

Similar sentiments were echoed by Kabelo ‘Mura’ Makubela, an event organizer who expressed his excitement with the lifting of the curfew. 

“For now we will be able to do our events with ease knowing that no law enforcement agents will just rock up and tell us to close because it is time for curfew.

“We will be able to make money more than we were doing because some people were reluctant to attend day events as compared to night events and this was mainly due to the curfew,” Mura said.

He said things might still be a bit tricky on the part of vaccination cards which might hamper the unvaccinated but stated that as event’s organisers it is their duty to encourage people to get vaccinated.    

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