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Jennah Chaltin a fast growing YouTuber


Chris Theko

YouTube has led to the creation of many jobs and income. Although it began as a platform where one could upload spontaneous videos captured by being at the right time, lately people are dedicating their lives to creating content specifically for uploading onto the platform.

Lesotho has seen a sudden growth of YouTubers over the past year with a rise of talented, incredible and creative people. Jennah Chaltin is one of the fasted and consistently growing YouTubers with over 891 subscribers in less than two years.  

“I have always loved presenting and wanted to have my own show growing up then during lockdown I used to watch a lot of YouTube, came across a lot of talk or game shows then realized I don’t necessarily need to be on TV to do what I love, that’s when I decided to start my own channel,” said Chaltin. 

Her channel called ‘The Jennah Chaltin’ is a variety entertainment show that focuses on international celebrities and personalities to provide a chance to showcase the previously unseen side of a person and launch an independent presence which she says is “to rectify preconceptions regarding how an individual behaves or thinks”.

Lesotho musicians such as Ntate Stunna, Wave Rhyder, Malome Vector and Juvy have benefited from YouTube in regards to growing their footing especially on the international stages. The entertainment industry has seen exponential growth as a result of YouTube although it took years and a community of YouTubers has risen.

Chaltin said she has since realized that Basotho have become aware of the platform which has had a positive impact on the creative industry.

“I can say with my head up high that YouTube has had a great impact on the Basotho YouTubers and international community. It has given a wide exposure to each Mosotho individual on the platform from promoting their businesses, job creation, forecasting their talent as well as showcasing talent,” she said.

She said for one to be a successful YouTuber, they need courage to begin, the creative and passionate drive about what they want to utilize it for. 

She attributed the atmosphere of self-esteem amongst the youth today to the platform saying it has given those like her an opportunity. 

There is a serious community of YouTubers that are making waves in Lesotho from travel with ‘Escapes with TKay’, Career and Lifestyle with Kiva Phakisi, Vlog ‘Konnichwassup’ with Lungile Matutoane, Real life challenges faced by young people with Pinki Manong and many others who are doing great. 

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