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The Review – Likhang by Khomari le Koata E Bohlale


Chris Theko

On The Review this week we take a listen to the brand new offering by Khomari and Koata e Bohlale (Formerly known as Zinkz Dee) titled Likhang. 

The song was produced by Moletsane Ramabusa together with Makakole, released on February 16, 2021 as part of a four track tape by the two artists. 

With a time-elapse of 3 minutes 55 seconds, built on 128 beats per minute (BPM) with a sampling of rate 44100 Hz and laid on a 99/99-time signature the production of the track is simply perfect. 

The instrumental arrangement is laid out nicely; a lot similar to what is largely Koata E Bohle’s style of sound. The rhythm is heavily influenced by a mixture RNB and Afropop.

Overall, the genre could be summarized as trap soul which is a relatively new strand of hip-hop which and brings together trap and the original hip hop along with some melodies of contemporary R&B and Soul music.       

Creativity is definitely at the peak of the track with both artists bringing their individual elements to the magic that is the final delivery “Likhang”.

The hook opens up the lyrical content with Koata E Bohlale talking about people all over the place who are in arguments (Likhang) as the title of the track goes. He further mentions that not all that glitters is gold. 

“A sentse lifahleho machaba-chaba, ke bona a phehile likhang, mare ke’ng ha le koatile, hobaneng ha le phehile likhang? Se ka ba bona ha ba phela majaba-jaba u tsebe ba sesa kahar’a mathata…”

Don’t see them frowning… backup line by Khomari. The song jumps into the second verse whose lyrics focus the message on warning against people whose mission is not to live their lives according to their rules but leaning onto the societal expectations and pressures which eventually lead them into a life of catch-up.

The verses are not that long and are not too short either, while being very catchy. The wordplay and the lyrical content are simply creative along with the entire production of the song.

The track conveys a strong message which is warning against living a fake life. A fake life that sees people living a depressed life, people who end up living their lives trying to hide the real issues and their real identity which is what is bothering them deep inside.

The backing vocals of Khomari gave the song a smooth direction with some laid back soulful melodies, which goes back to the earlier mention on the track’s genre being trap soul.

Likhang rates at 7 out of 10

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