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Kick4Life up for an international award


Chris Theko

Kick4Life has been nominated for the prestigious Laureus Sport Award 2022 in the category of Sport for Good Award. 

The nomination shortlist was announced yesterday by the Laureus, a global sporting movement celebrating the best in sporting excellence.

The 2022 nominees were selected by a panel of the world’s top sports media and represent the world’s best across seven categories. 

The Kick4Life Country Director, Motlatsi Nkhahle told Newsday Sport in an exclusive interview that the award is a big motivation for the work that they do as an organization. 

“The award means that the world is watching and they see the good that we do for the young people in Lesotho, the impact we are making and the communities we serve because for us it is not just about soccer but using it to influence good.

“Our work is there for everyone to see and we are happy for the recognition in a form of this nomination along some of the prominent other organisations,” Nkhahle said.      

More than a football club, Kick4life is a self-financing model, running a small inn, restaurant and conferencing that cover costs for the sports academy. However, football is at the heart of the organization and never ceases to impress with its ability to make a difference and foster change.

Kick4Life has been nominated alongside ICH WILL DA RAUF! From Germany which is an organization that brings able-bodied and disabled young people together through climbing to eradicate the barriers to a normal life for the disabled youth. There is also Lost Boyz Inc. which is a United States of America based organization that uses baseball and softball to fight violence, improve the social and emotional condition while providing financial opportunities among the youth.

Other nominees in the category are Monkey Magic, a climbing organization in Juca Pe Cagna of Italy    

The awards also have other notable categories such as the team of the year which will see Argentina’s men’s football team of Lionel Messi, Lewis Hemilton’s Mercedes-AMG of Formula-1 team and Barcelona’s Women’s football team battle it out for the grand championship. There is also sportsman of the year with nominees such as Tom Brady of American football, Novak Djokovic the world no 1 tennis player as well as Robert Lewandoski and Max Verstappen of motorsport.

The nomination is the first at these awards for any team, individual or organization in Lesotho, making this a very special moment for the organization as well as Lesotho as a country.        

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