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Linare scores an uncapped support


Chris Theko

Premier League giants Linare FC scores an open cheque sponsorship from Ramela and Associates company.

The company becomes the second corporate to inject financial support into the club after the introduction of Alliance Insurance company in 2020.

The sponsorship figure was not revealed with Bishop Ramela stating that it is an open cheque sponsorship.

The Bishop revealed on Wednesday at a ceremony held at Ramela and Associates business premises in Mahobong, Leribe.  

Ramela said he was proud to be part of the winning team which also happens to be from his home district.

“It is good to be part of the winning team and I can confidently tell you, especially the players, that I would not be part of this initiative if this was not the winning team,” he said.

“I am here to add to what is already there, to contribute to the club and I am well aware that it has a sponsor,” Ramela said.

The businessman who hails from Mahobong has been part of the growth of the business community in the Leribe district.

He stated that it is now time for Linare to be amongst the teams that challenge for the league title.

“It is time we make Linare the number one team in Lesotho and that is why Ramela and Associates has decided to be part of the club as a sponsor,” he said.

For his part, Linare president, Refiloe Maitin, expressed gratitude to Ramela and Associates saying it gives the club comfort to know that businessmen such as the Bishop come on board as sponsors.

“It gives us the pleasure and comfort to see big business people such as Bishop Ramela sponsor our team and all we can say is that we are highly grateful,” said Maitin.

“We have seen that everything he touches turns into gold. Linare will be hopeful that great things are now coming for our team,” he added.

At the event, the president revealed the off-field kit that is worth M100 000. The kit is made up of trainers, track pants and track tops along with soccer balls.

The contract is said to be of a lifetime status with no terms and conditions where Ramela said he has the vision to build a stadium for Linare and assist the club to have an academy.

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