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LMPS leads World Blood Donor Day


Seabata Mahao

Lesotho Mounted Police Services (LMPS), the country’s most blood-donating institution in Lesotho joined the rest of the word in commemorating World Blood Donor Day in partnership with Lesotho Blood Transfusion Service (LBTS) through a peaceful walk in the streets of Maseru on June 14, 2022 which the official day for celebration of the day.

In commemoration of the day, LMPS decided to lead the walk from its headquarters in Maseru in the early morning hours of the day throughout the Maseru Central Business District (CBD) to Maseru Pitso Ground where the festivities of the day were held.

Speaking at the event, Senior Inspector Phethisang Luka said they have joined forces with the LBTS to help create awareness across the world about the need for safe blood transfusion and to express gratitude to voluntary blood donors. She said blood donation in the country is still a major problem as people lack knowledge on the importance of donating blood which is the reason for scarcity of blood donors which are noted to result in a shortage of blood in hospital.

The highlight of the event themed ‘donating blood is an act of solidarity, join the effort and save lives’, was blood donation, HIV/AIDS testing and Covid-19 vaccination.

Meanwhile, LBTS Manager, ‘Maleqhoa Nyopa lauded LMPS for prioritising blood donation and helping to educate Basotho about the good of blood donation.

Nyopa stated that, not everyone is allowed to donate blood as there are people with chronic health issues which include HIV/AIDS, highlighting however, that those with sugar diabetes can donate blood only if their conditions are regulated. She also said, donating blood helps people know other curable diseases that might be in their blood systems as the donated blood goes through a series of tests and blood screening.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dr. ‘Mopa Ts’iu encouraged Basotho to promote blood donation and be like the police committed to help LBTS as it is their responsibility to protect the people, adding that one of the benefits of blood donation is that it helps people to know their blood group which comes in handy during emergencies.

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