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LNIG Hollard partners with local musos


Seabata Mahao

Insurances services powerhouse Lesotho National Insurance Group Hollard (LNIG Hollard) partnered with and unveiled international music icon Puseletso Seema and the uprising international music star Malome Vector as its new brand ambassadors.

This was announced this week by LNIG Hollard Head of Brand, Liepollo Tsekoa who stated that, 2022 is a very exciting year for LNIG Hollard as they will be stepping into their future with more accessibility and more reach to the general public and their clients.

Tsekoa said the two musicians speak to the brand’s past story of enduring service and the imminent innovative insurance products that lie ahead in the future.

She said, LNIG already has a deep understanding of the local market and fusing it with the international insurance expertise of the Hollard brand, LNIG Hollard was looking for two individuals who were representative of the vision they have in maintaining LNIG’s stance in Lesotho and embracing the new vision of the brand’s collaboration.

Tsekoa explained that, LNIG Hollard has selected icons that will help them communicate with their clientele which includes the existing old and also looking into the future while changing the narrative of what insurance is known to be especially in the eyes of the youthful.

 â€œLNIG Hollard decided to partner with these two brand ambassadors, one of whom is a seasoned wise legend in her life time who represents the side of the heritage brand which has been there for Basotho for over 40 years with the second being a part that resonates why we are boldly now announcing our partnership with Hollard hence the younger signifies our target to the younger audience,” Tsekoa said.

Managing Director of LNIG Hollard, Mpho Vumbukani said LNIG Hollard is a brand that is intentional about maintaining long-term partnerships hence the partnership.

Vumbukani said the two ambassadors will have a two-year contract with LNIG adding that 2022 will be an amazing year for Basotho as they will get to experience and engage with LNIG Hollard on every platform.

Vumbukani explained that, LNIG Hollard wishes to touch the lives of Basotho beyond their insurance footprint but also get to access other important sectors that are vital for the economic growth of Lesotho.

Speaking of the partnership with Hollard, BNV Agency Brand Strategist Thando Nkosi, said the co-branding of the LNIG brand and Hollard has given reassurance to Basotho on the staying power of an insurance company that has been trusted for over 40 years.

Nkosi said the digital transformation journey that the two brands are undertaking ensures that they will be more accessible and operationally efficient.

Addressing the media, Malome Vector said from the beginning of his career he has been working for Basotho so he is glad to be LNIG Hollard brand ambassador as the company is also working for Basotho and there will be more conducive outcomes for Basotho.

For her part, Puseletso Seema said as a legend she will see to it that they both work for Basotho as she already helps orphanage homes as well as being a family counsellor.

LNIG Hollard will be looking to change the pervasive narrative that insurance companies only work to cater for death or loss disregarding risk management, wealth creation and preservation as benefits of insurance coverage to be highlighted as the brand moves forward.

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