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LRCS secures M1.4 million Aid


Kamohelo Makhofola

Following securing M1.4 million towards vulnerable communities, the Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) launched the Cash and Voucher Assistance program, a new initiative tailored to offer essential aid to vulnerable communities, delivering direct financial support to alleviate difficulties and promote resilience.

Sechaba Mokhameleli, the General Secretary of LRCS, shed light on the process of securing crucial aid for communities affected by floods.

“After appealing to ‘M’e Bongi’s office in Pretoria and receiving approval in Nairobi, despite facing challenges during the holiday season, we managed to secure M1.4 million in funding. We are currently collaborating with Vodacom, utilising Mpesa for swift assistance transfers to 154 families,” he explained.

Lilahloane Mohapi, responsible for managing floods under the Disaster Management Authority (DMA), disclosed that the Prime Minister has allocated funds to support flood relief efforts, particularly focusing on the districts of Maseru and Quthing.

LRCS President Harry Nkhetse highlighted his administration’s proactive stance in addressing flood emergencies, emphasising their commitment to providing financial aid within 72 hours of an incident.

“Operating on disaster preparedness principles, we reiterate our dedication to being the first responders and ensuring comprehensive support for affected communities.

“With 58 out of 154 families already receiving monetary compensation via mobile money transfers, the government’s swift action demonstrates a commitment to assisting those impacted by floods,” Nkhetse remarked.

Bongi Nkampinde, an International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) disaster management delegate from Pretoria, emphasised the inevitability of disasters while advocating for enhanced preparedness, strategic mobilisation, and partnerships with various institutions.

“The Lesotho Red Cross Society and the government are collaboratively addressing disasters, emphasising inclusivity without discrimination based on race, gender, or any other factors. This unified approach aims to effectively mitigate the impact of disasters and foster resilience within communities,” Nkampinde said.

The launch of this initiative responds to disasters occurring from December 22-28, 2023, and is supported by the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund.

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