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Soofia International School Unveils State-of-the-Art Robotics Lab


Kamohelo Makhofola

Soofia International School unveiled its state-of-the-art robotics lab on Saturday, April 27 in a pioneering move towards integrating technology into education. 

The initiative, spearheaded by Mr Vijaykumar Bhaskaran, Principal of the institution, aims to propel students beyond conventional computing paradigms, catering to all levels, including Grade 1s.

Mr Bhaskaran emphasised the lab’s role in embracing new-age technology, underscoring its inclusivity and relevance across various age groups. 

He announced the commencement of robotics classes this week, marking the official initiation of hands-on learning in the realm of robotics.

“This significant milestone was made possible through the generous support of Resolute Company from Pretoria, South Africa, whose collaboration facilitated the realisation of the school’s vision,” Bhaskaran remarked, acknowledging the pivotal role of external support in advancing educational initiatives.

The genesis of the robotics lab can be traced back to the inspiration drawn from Soofia International School students’ remarkable performance in the Vodacom robotics competition. 

“Witnessing their fervent engagement and enthusiasm for robotics, I made promise to nurture their passion by establishing a dedicated space for exploration and innovation,” Bhaskaran reflected. 

As the curtains rise on this new chapter of technological education at Soofia International School,  Bhaskaran said this signifies not only a commitment to fostering creativity and critical thinking but also a testament to the school’s unwavering dedication to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Huzaifa Khan from Resolute emphasised the pressing need for innovation and problem-solving, not only in Lesotho and South Africa but worldwide. 

“Recognising the transformative power of technology, Resolute partnered with Soofia International School to provide access to cutting-edge resources, empowering students to tackle global challenges,” Khan stated.

Highlighting the broader context of technological advancement, Thabang Rapapa, speaking on behalf of Minister Nthati Moorosi, shared insights from her participation in Nairobi, where African nations pledged to harmonise legislation and regulations on ICT to facilitate cross-border data transfer, promote knowledge sharing on AI, and standardise taxation on ICT. Additionally, there’s a collaborative effort to establish continental digital platforms and data centres with UN funding.

Rapapa also announced the inauguration of a Uniport at Lerotholi Polytechnic, open to all universities and schools like Soofia International. 

“The Uniport provides a platform for showcasing robotics and science experiments; other departments such as sewing are also available, so there’s huge space for everyone,” Rapapa elaborated on the opportunities presented by this collaborative initiative.

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