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Makenete takes accountability message to the districts


Seabata Mahao

Auditor General, ‘Mathabo Makenete is on a mission to ignite a flame of accountability that will burn across the nation.

In a planned series of events commemorating the Office of the Auditor General’s (OAG) Diamond Jubilee, Makenete is taking her message directly to the districts, urging citizens to be vigilant stewards of public funds.

Her impassioned plea was most recently echoed in Berea District last week, where she stood before students, parents, and the public, highlighting the critical role they play in monitoring the allocation and utilisation of public resources.

“The mandate of the OAG is to promote accountability, transparency, and value for money in the use of public funds,” declared Makenete.

She left no room for ambiguity about the OAG’s mission.

With the impending release of the 2021/2022 financial year audit report, she implored attendees to disseminate knowledge about the OAG’s vital work.

“We are counting on you to tell your parents along with everyone around you to teach them about the work of the OAG,” she said.

The OAG’s outreach extended to high schools, with events at Lioli High School and ‘Mamathe High School providing a platform for career guidance and education about the OAG’s pivotal role in the nation’s economic landscape.

A symbolic march from Lioli High School to ‘Mamathe High School demonstrated the OAG’s commitment to reaching every corner of the nation.

Makenete highlighted the need for vigilant oversight once funds are allocated in parliament, saying that this is pivotal for the country’s development.

‘Mopei Selikane, the Berea District Education Manager, commended the OAG for their hands-on approach in celebrating their milestone.

Selikane lauded the office’s personnel for their approachability and dedication, dispelling any apprehension that often accompanies interactions with the OAG.

“We believe that the students learned from your presence today and we promise you that one day you will get all the professionals you need for your office in Berea,” Selikane said.

Berea District Administrator, Phahlane Makoko, lauded the OAG’s decision to extend their celebration to their district, recognizing the value of knowledge and education. Makoko implored students to absorb the insights offered, emphasizing that it was for their long-term benefit.

“The students, children, and everyone living in Lesotho have a right to seek information of day-to-day events of their country,” Makoko emphasised, calling for an active and informed citizenry.

As the OAG’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations will culminate with a gala dinner in Maseru in October.

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