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Maseru Triumphs at National Wool and Mohair Growers Competition


Libuseng Molato

Maseru district emerged as the champion at the highly anticipated National Wool and Mohair Growers Competition, showcasing its dominance in the realm of wool and mohair production. 

The two-day event, held at the Lesotho Agricultural College grounds, witnessed a gathering of top achievers from all ten districts of Lesotho, highlighting the nation’s agricultural prowess.

The competition results showcased Maseru’s excellence, with the district securing a remarkable 586 points, claiming the top position. Thaba-Tseka followed closely behind, clinching the second spot with 483 points, while Mokhotlong and Leribe secured the third and fourth positions respectively, with scores of 161 and 106 points.

The event served as a culmination of efforts, with farmers selected from previous district competitions converging for a two-day to showcase the best-kept and nurtured merino sheep and angora goats. 

Notable winners included Molemo Hooko from Maseru Semonkong, who attained first position for angora goats, Mpapa Mohale also from Maseru, winning the best ewe, and Tšele Mohosheshela from Thaba-Tseka, obtaining first position for rams.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Professor Ntoi Rapapa expressed gratitude to LENAFU for their unwavering support in fostering resilience among farmers, particularly in the face of challenges posed by climate change. 

He emphasised the significance of Lesotho’s position as the second-largest producer of high-quality mohair globally, expressing optimism about reducing reliance on imports from South Africa.

Rapapa underscored the government’s commitment to investing in agricultural development, highlighting initiatives to combat stock theft and restore pastures. 

He further assured farmers of ongoing efforts to eradicate invasive plants and enhance grazing lands, thus ensuring sustainable farming practices.

Mokoenehi Thinyane, Chairperson of the National Wool and Mohair Association, emphasised the economic importance of the industry, citing the significant contribution of Mohair to Lesotho’s economy. 

With approximately forty thousand registered farmers dependent on Mohair production, Thinyane stressed the need for collaborative efforts to combat stock theft and support the livelihoods of Basotho farmers.

Dr. Mathabo Tsepa from LENAFU lauded farmers for their dedication and expertise, attributing the success of the competition to their collective action. As the year of action for farmers, Tsepa highlighted the role of skills and knowledge in elevating the quality of animals, paving the way for sustainable agricultural practices.

The National Wool and Mohair Growers Competition not only celebrated excellence in farming but, also underscored the vital role of agriculture in Lesotho’s economic prosperity. 

With the Maseru district leading the charge, the event served as a testament to the resilience and dedication of Basotho farmers in shaping the nation’s agricultural landscape.

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